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Some of the many features you'll have access to...

Inventory Accuracy

Be confident about
your inventory numbers, always.

You need an accurate idea of your inventory and to have that synced across your marketplaces/platforms. You need to know when stock is getting low, be able to replenish, and let us know what's headed to us. Keeps tabs on your SKUs, from availability, allocated orders, purchase orders, dimensions to bundles (kits), customs information, and pick locations. Know your inventories every move, what was shipped, moved, received, and returned. Each inventory adjustment is tracked, so you know who did what, when, and why.

eCommerce owner analyzes data

Automation rules

Manage orders,
with workflows and automation rules.

Save yourself the time doing the repetitive stuff. Automation rules never quit or mess up; they do what you tell them to do as soon as an order is received. They're complex enough to handle most things while created with if/then rules, which makes it simple to build them. These can be built as you need them and modified at any time by anyone on your team.

Returns & Exchanges

Allow for customers to do self returns and exchanges - you can track it all.

You and your customer support team are busy! With our software, you're now able to allow your customers to do self returns, which you can restrict based on internal rules. You can charge fees, only allow for specific countries, custom brand it, limit the length of time customers can return items, set min costs for returns, and more. If you prefer to continue handling returns yourself, this can also be done in our dashboard, and it can email labels to your customers. You or your customers can create exchanges that are released once we receive back their original order.  The possibilities are fairly endless.

State of the art operations software.

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Connect your store, marketplaces, and more within seconds. Our software will download new products, as well as sync existing ones. When changes are made to your inventory, all of your connected stores will be updated. Additionally, we send tracking information to the stores whenever orders are shipped. Everything in sync, always.