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Fast, Compliant FBA Prep - Outsource to the Experts
1-3 day turnaround to Amazon
Flat-fee per unit
User-friendly self-serve software to easily submit shipments & track inventory
Fully compliant FBA prep
Dedicated customer success team you can reach anytime
Located near FTW1 for fast processing

FBA Prep Made Simple with Simple Fulfillment

How Our FBA Prep Service Works

Send your inventory to Simpl.

We'll receive your containers, pallets, or cartons, and they'll be received in immediately. You'll have complete visibility into all of this through our software, and our success team will be in touch if we have any questions.

SOP checklist with checkmark for eCommerce order packing

We begin prepping your products.

If the items are going back out, our dedicated team will immediately begin prepping items ensuring we follow both your and Amazon's requirements. If you want us to store the items, we'll move them into the perfect storage spot and update your inventory.

Box truck to deliver orders

We'll create the shipping plan and send it off to Amazon!

Once everything is ready, our team will create the shipping plan, box everything up and move it to our docks for either UPS or freight pick-up, depending on the size. You'll see all this live in our software and the shipment info in Seller Central.

Shipping box with a check on it

Create an Inbound & Send Your Inventory

All you have to do is create an Inbound in our software so we know what you're sending. Next, ship your products to our warehouse and our team will efficiently receive. Our user-friendly software provides real-time visibility into inventory levels as it arrives. If we have any questions, our dedicated success team will contact you promptly. You can reach our team anytime via live chat or email.

For shipments heading to Amazon, we will begin prep per your requirements and Amazon's guidelines. For storage, we move inventory to optimal storage locations and update quantities in the software.

SOP checklist with checkmark for eCommerce order packing

Our experienced team carefully counts, inspects, labels and does any additional prep as needed to your products per Amazon's expectations. We bundle items efficiently to save you money on shipment costs. Our quality control ensures we meet FBA requirements to prevent violations.

We Prep Your Products for FBA

Box truck to deliver orders

We Handle the Shipping Process End-to-End

When the prep is complete, we'll create the shipment to Amazon and ship it out. For small shipments, we utilize UPS. For larger volumes, we coordinate cost-effective freight transport. You'll have visibility into the entire process in real-time through our software and your Seller Central account.

Shipping box with a check on it

Save time, lower costs, and efficiently scale your Amazon business with our fast, reliable FBA prep solution. The key benefits include:

  • Expertise & Quality Control: Our experienced team meticulously inspects, measures, labels and packs your products following Amazon's strict guidelines.
  • Rapid Processing Times: With our warehouse near FTW1, most prep orders ship to Amazon within 1-3 days. We expedite prep to get your inventory to FBA faster.
  • Total Compliance: Our rigorous QA checks and processes ensure your shipments meet all FBA requirements, helping avoid issues.
  • User-Friendly Software: Our platform makes order submission, tracking shipments, monitoring inventory, and account management easy 24/7.
  • Inventory & Supply Chain Management: Our software seamlessly syncs stock between our warehouse and Amazon. We'll store extra units and help manage reorder points.
  • Cost-Effective Growth: Our flat-rate pricing allows you to accurately forecast and control FBA costs as your business scales on Amazon.
  • Exceptional Support: Our U.S. team is available via chat, email, and phone to quickly answer questions and assist with any needs.

Outsource the details to our FBA experts so you can focus on growing your Amazon business. Contact us today to learn more!

The Advantages
of Our
FBA Prep Service

Why Simpl?

Choosing the right FBA Prep center is an incredibly important decision for any eCommerce brand and we don't take that lightly! Our team will work with you to see if we are the right fit and how we can help you continue to scale your brand.

Flat-fee per unit pricing.
Powerful, real-time shipment and inventory management software
24/7 Dedicated support team.

Flat-Rate Pricing.

Standard Prep Includes...

We have a $40 minimum charge per inbound shipment which covers the services above. This is not a fixed fee, but a minimum - we'll never charge you less than $40 per shipment.

FNSKU Labeling

$.90 per item


$.35 per item

Bubble Wrap

$.60 per item

Additional Labeling

$.25 per item

Large Items Surcharge

$.5 per unit

Boxing Individual Units

$.80 per item

Multipack + Bundling

$.25 per item

Oversized Items Surcharge

$2 per item

Volume Seller Pricing

Sellers processing over 2,000 units per month or with large one-off projects can contact us to discuss custom pricing. Email team@simplefulfillment.com or chat live on our site to connect with an account manager. We offer discounted rates tailored to high volume accounts.,

Other Optional Services:


$1 per item

20' Container Unload


40' Container Unload


Ungating Photos

$15 per item

Product Inserts


Storage (monthly)


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