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Have you been waiting for the opportunity to sell your items on Amazon? You may have all sorts of questions about how much it will cost, what your profit margin will be, and what kind of return you can expect. The answers are just a click away with Simpl's Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator.

-What is my current revenue total with shipping included?
-What percentage of those sales should I take as profit?
-How many units have been sold so far?
-What do I need to list a product before buying it from another merchant?

All these answers are just one click away with Simpl's Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator. Stop guessing at the numbers--just type in an ASIN and find out what you're dealing with.

In order to get the best results from this tool, please keep in mind these very important factors that will influence the real calculation of your FBA fees:

1. Amazon Fulfillment Fees Calculator should be used for estimating fees only. The final calculation will differ based on your unique inventory size, item weights and other variables.

2. Keep in mind that this calculator does not include some of the key factors that can influence your real FBA fees (e.g., oversize, over weight inventory). These fees are only estimated.

3. You can have multiple listings of the same product with various prices and seller accounts. The calculator shows an average calculation based on all of the units you put in.

4. This calculator for Amazon FBA fees is designed to provide a general understanding of what your fulfillment cost may be.

As you’re well aware, Amazon has recently increased the prices of their fees to sell on Amazon. And if it’s one thing that sellers are worried about at the moment, it’s money. That’s why we created a free calculator for Amazon seller fees! So what are you waiting for? Jump on over and give the calculator a try! It’s free, after all!