What Is Shipping Surcharge?

What Is Shipping Surcharge?

A delivery surcharge is a further price added to a shipping cost through the provider. Many merchants may know what a delivery surcharge is, but they do not realize several different surcharges they can be hit with. Gaining extra know-how of precisely a delivery surcharge and what specific kinds of transport surcharges exist on the market can illuminate the volume to which delivery surcharges affect their shipping charges. 

Shipping surcharges compensate for added expenses involved in exceptional service, unusual delivery, or different costs inherent in shipping products with excellent necessities or instances. There are several varieties of transport surcharges that can be typically brought to delivery fees.

Sometimes, you can favor paying those surcharges to get entry to specific offerings, including weekend deliveries. In other cases, the courier will impose those, and you don't choose them; the same is the case with fuel surcharges.

Different Types Of Shipping Surcharges Applied By Carriers

The extensive range of transport surcharges, in addition, lend to confusion for merchants and make it extra hard to assess what their base transportation fees are. Private transportation service companies like FedEx and USP apply some distinct surcharges to shipments to offset transportation fees or extra handling associated with a bundle. Those transport surcharges can encompass residential delivery prices, signature prices, charges for deliveries outside of common transporting areas, and expenses for Saturday or weekend shipping.

Transport location surcharges

It is a type of surcharge in which transport companies like FedEx or DHL apply charges for delivering outside their normal delivery range or route.

Extra Handling surcharges

These surcharges are applied to packages that are more than 48" long and need extra handling.

Residential surcharges

If you are a shipper that offers at once to residential locations, it is essential to apprehend what residential shipping surcharges are and how they're impacting your shipping prices. As you can tell from the name, these surcharges are applied to home-based businesses with pickups from their residence.

Oversize surcharges

The oversize package deal surcharge is applied to shipments that exceed the weight or size thresholds of personal vendors. Incurring an oversize bundle surcharge can result in significant growth in shipping expenses for shippers.

Fuel Surcharges

Fuel surcharges are calculated by the private transporting companies on an ongoing basis and are tied to the marketplace charges of gas. For providers, fuel surcharges constitute an essential side of maintaining ongoing profitability because of long-term contracts with shippers.

Address correction surcharges

Additional correction surcharges are implemented when cargo has an incomplete or incorrect address that the provider must seek to correct.

Print label surcharges

These surcharges are added to the shipping packages on which the company places return labels.

Accessorial surcharge

If a cargo requires using extra services or machinery, you'll be charged an accessory charge. An accessorial is probably charged for such things as liftgate provider, re-shipping, or deal with correction.

Signature surcharges

If you want the security of a required signature at pickup, mainly used for packages like medicines and electronics, providers will charge a price for signature service.

To recognize and prepare for transport surcharges, ask for a complete list of them from the transport carrier you use, and make sure you maintain a list of the taxes you pay.

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How To Handle Shipping Surcharges

There are a couple of types of ways through which shippers can lessen and handle the cost they are spending on transport surcharges. One of the most impactful things that shippers can do is maximize their knowledge about how transport surcharges impact their shipping prices and what options are to be had that could have reduced or eliminated tariffs. With the help of understanding the exclusive shipment options, how providers calculate and follow surcharges, and which networks are best for particular packages, shippers can reduce what they pay in delivery surcharges or avoid them.

Get a Better Understanding: Gain a better understanding of ways delivery surcharges impact delivery fees and what options would possibly reduce or dispose of them altogether.

Do an Address Recheck: Double-check your location, or you can also spend money on a shipping software program that routinely tests and corrects the involved transport addresses to keep away from address-related surcharges.

Use Third-party Logistics: It could be time taking to keep track of the surcharges because the fees change frequently. Fuel surcharges for personal companies change weekly, while the rest are generally up to date on an annual or bi-annual time. Making use of a third-party logistics provider will help companies itemize their shipments budget.

Always Look For Different Shipping Services: Before committing to only some of the shipping service companies, apprehend what alternatives you have got. Some companies have large coverage areas than others in different regions of the country. If you're able to use services with companies that have first-rate coverage in certain areas, you may be able to skip the transport location surcharges you'd get with other companies.

Negotiate With The Carrier: Carriers will keep in mind your business shipping volume, increase potential, and their predicted earnings to offer you discounted prices. You could also use this as an opportunity to turn out to be acquainted with the costs that have the highest effect on the budget.


A delivery surcharge is an additional rate that carriers can add to the average transportation cost. Ensure you know all the numerous types of taxes and related prices. This could assist you're making smart choices about how the orders will be shipped. Similarly, you could enforce various transport techniques like renegotiating contracts with companies to reduce overall shipping fees.

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