How To Create The Best Shipping Experience?

What can you do to create the best shipping experience? How does your shipping experience affect customer satisfaction? Learn the answers in this concise guide.

How To Create The Best Shipping Experience?

In the business world, customer experience is the gold standard against which service is tested. If a company's services generate the best customer experience, they are trendy and successful in their objectives. When it comes to the eCommerce sector, the story is no different. A significant chunk of an eCommerce business's success depends on the customer experience and satisfaction it generates. This is because; an e-commerce business does not directly interact with the customer like the hyper-local store. Thus, there is a greater responsibility to create customer satisfaction through their services. 

There are many fronts to focus on when improving the customer experience linked with your e-commerce business. One of the significant aspects of the eCommerce business that needs the most attention is the shipping experience. The shipping process is what connects your business to the customer and delivers your products. The successful delivery of your products depends highly on the shipping module. Therefore, if you improve the shipping experience through multiple steps, it can create a positive customer experience on the other end of your business.

What Are The Customer Expectations In Terms Of Shipping Experience? 

Before you create a better shipping experience for your customers, you need to understand the expectations that the customers keep from your business. When you understand and cater to the exact expectation of your customers, you automatically create the best experience for them. 

There are few facts that you are sure to keep in mind. For example, customers want fast and affordable shipping on their orders. If the shipping price gets too high, people will get discouraged from buying from your platform. On the other hand, if you offer low shipping prices or make shipping accessible, they might buy more than they are looking for. Nearly 70 percent of the customers say that free shipping is the most significant consideration for checkout. 

Eighty-three percent of the customers want a reliable shipping service. By this, we mean that they would like to receive regular communication regarding their shipment. Today, tracking technology has advanced, and it is possible to track packages in real-time. When customers receive regular updates on their boxes, they are assured and trust the company more than ever. Because shipping experience matters to customers, successful eCommerce brands invest heavily in improving their shipping process. 

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How To Enhance Your Shipping Experience- 3 Things You can Do Today

Offer multiple shipping options

Many brands lack good shipping options. Understand that the customer is looking for a product within a time frame. If your shipping process is delayed beyond a time frame, it does not do well for the customer. Therefore, it is best to extend different shipping options to choose the speed at which the package is shipped. For example, many leading brands offer options ranging between 2-day shipping, seven-day shipping, expedite shipping.

Moreover, some brands even support overnight shipping. This way, you can extend a customized shipping experience to your customers. Your customers will feel more in control of the shipping process then. 

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Stick to shipping time

When you have given a certain shipping period to the customer, you need to stick to the schedule. For example, you cannot commit to overnight shipping and then send the package two days later. Similarly, you cannot commit to 2 day shipping time and deliver the package seven days later. This makes the customer wait and creates unnecessary dissatisfaction on their part. This isn't good for your image as a committed and customer-friendly brand. Sticking to the schedule means that you are a brand with ethics, and this should reflect in every business process. There could be delays for different reasons, but you should try to minimize the uncertainty and snag. 

Deliver accurate orders

No eCommerce business functions without knowing the mistakes it can commit and how to avoid them. One of the most common mistakes that an eCommerce brand can commit is to deliver the wrong products to the incorrect address. If a customer has ordered certain products, be particular to provide the exact products. If you sell personalized items, this is more important. Create a system that collects the orders accurately and conveys the orders correctly. Pay attention to what the customer expects from your services to fulfill his demands. There may still be occasional errors in the interpretation and fulfillment of an order. However, it would help if you tried to maintain an order delivery accuracy of 96 to 98 percent. 

When you fail to deliver the correct products to the customer, he no more trusts your platform. Thus, he does not come back to purchase from your business. Therefore, this point is crucial for customer retention. 

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The shipping experience decides the level of success and popularity your brand sees. The shipping experience is a significant thread of the bond that connects your brand to its customers. With a strengthened shipping experience, you create an even stronger brand connection with your customers. With a great shipping experience, you compel your customers to return to your platform for services.

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