Know the Difference between Delivery and Shipping Address

Understand the difference between delivery and shipping address. Learn the importance of filling up addresses correctly.

Know the Difference between Delivery and Shipping Address

Mentioning the proper delivery and shipping address is very important while placing an order. It is prevalent among eCommerce businesses. When customers place an order online, they have to confirm these two addresses for further payment.

Both the addresses don't need to be different; they can be the same, depending on the type of order. To understand the difference between shipping and billing addresses, you can read the information provided below.

Difference Between Billing Address, Delivery Address and Shipping Address

Billing Address

Billing address is associated with the payment method of customers or from where the order gets placed. In the shipping address section, you should mention the address where you want your package to arrive.

Though both the addresses are often the same, they also have a thin difference due to many reasons. They are-

1. The order might be a gift, so the shipping address is different from the billing address. If a customer wants to deliver the product directly to another person, then it is different.

2. The mailing address of the customer is different from the address mentioned with its credit card details.

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Why Should You Fill in Addresses Correctly?

It is crucial to fill up the shipping and billing addresses right; otherwise, the order can be misplaced or lost. There is much software that indicates the mistakes so that the customers can rectify them.

Errors in the shipping address can occur while typing. If any mistake happens, then it might increase their cost and reship the order after getting it back.  

What to Do with Errors in The Billing Address

It would help if you were careful while mentioning the billing errors. However, if any error occurs, then follow these steps:

1. Rectify the spelling, zip code, and street numbers. Keep in mind to fill the same address according to the file of Credit Card Company.

2. You might have entered the information on the incorrect line, such as entering the house number in the section of street number.

If you are still unable to figure out the problem, try to contact your credit card company and check the address mentioned in the file.

What to Do With Errors in The Shipping Address

The error in shipping address may occur due to typing mistakes, filling up wrong information, or zip codes.

A minor mistake such as entering 89 Salt Lake City instead of 98 Salt Lake City can lead the package to reach the wrong address. As a result, the order may return or get lost.

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Check Again and Again

Nowadays, many software services are present to help to correct the mistakes in the shipping and billing addresses. This step helps to do a final check when you finalize to send the order.

The rectification of billing and shipping address will help you minimize errors, and the order will reach on time. Also, confirm that the company uses the necessary software for address verification or not.

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