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September 3, 2021

What Are the Reasons for a Payment System to Reject a Billing and a Shipping Address?

In every eCommerce store, a reliable payment gateway is made for customers to enable easy shipping. While placing an order in the online store, you must confirm two addresses: billing address and shipping address. The two addresses might sometimes be the same, and sometimes it may be a little or completely different. Knowing the difference between the two addresses can help you to make sure you go for accurate shipping.

Difference Between a Billing and Shipping Address and Reasons a Billing Address is Rejected

What are Billing and Shipping Addresses?

Billing and shipping addresses are the two types of addresses you need to fill whenever you buy something from an online store. But these two are entirely different types.

Billing address

Billing address refers to an address connected to a particular payment form that includes a debit or credit card. Companies usually ask for the billing address to verify the authenticity of your card. The card must contain the amount of money your product costs, or else the attempted purchase may not go through.

Shipping address

Shipping address refers to an address where you would like your product to be shipped. It is the preferred location where you stay, or you want your product to get delivered. A shipping address may not be the same as the billing address.

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Reasons for Rejecting a Billing Address

Various reasons are depending on which a billing address is rejected.

  • Entering the information in the wrong line of the form, including entering the city name where you were supposed to enter the state, entering the apartment number in the street name, and so on, can cause billing address errors.
  • Spelling mistakes in the address or entering a wrong street number or pin code that does not even exist can be some of the reasons behind rejecting a billing address. You must review your billing address twice.
  • Your information is not matching with the credit card details is another major cause of rejection. You must contact your bank or the online store if you face any difficulty while entering your card details.

What Causes Errors in a Shipping Address?

Usually, an error in the shipping address is hard to detect. This can happen if you mistype your address or put the wrong address or pin code. Such errors can also take place during order fulfillment. Generally, shipping errors are pretty costly because once the item is shipped, the agent finds the wrong address. He returns the article, and again it is sent for reshipping to the correct address. It consumes a lot of time and energy.

People sometimes suffer from massive confusion between the billing and the shipping address. This article may help you to solve the confusion between the two types of lessons. Various software solutions help to verify and correct the shipping addresses that you put. Address verification can also be included while checking out. Try verifying your address when you are ready to send your order to be on a safer side.

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