Difference between FedEx, UPS, and USPS

Difference between FedEx, UPS, and USPS

eCommerce businesses come with different shipping options. FedEx is one of the standard and well-known brands when it comes to shipping products. But, there are various other options as well for shipping orders like U.P.S. and US Postal Service.

Difference Between FedEx, UPS, and USPS: Services and Delivery Times Explained

FedEx Ground

Before 2000, FedEx was an express delivery service. However, after FedEx Ground was introduced, the company suffered massive competition for package delivery. Previously, only U.P.S. and USPS were responsible for package delivery.

Within a few years, FedEx ground immediately turned out to be a dominating force as the low-cost shipment delivery option. Today, FedEx is one of the primary delivery services. It accepts various freight orders. Besides, you can use FedEx Ground for shipping to almost 50 states.

Carrier networks use contractors who are efficient in driving their vehicles apart from FedEx delivery trucks. If you are someone who sends many packages through FedEx, then you can opt for daily pickups.

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How Does FedEx Ground Work?

FedEx home delivery use FedEx Ground Network for delivering to various residential addresses. However, FedEx Ground provides packages to different organizations and businesses between Monday to Friday.

If you want, you can track the packages, and your customers can keep an eye on the order with the help of the tracking numbers. Making one-time shipment is easy with FedEx Ground. Moreover, if you are a high-volume shipper, you are free to set up a FedEx account at discounted rates.

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FedEx Home Delivery

It is a part of the FedEx Ground network, which delivers to various residential addresses. Home delivery service relies on different contractors and FedEx driers. Also, it offers its service to about 50 states.

FedEx Home Delivery accepts similar size packages like FedEx Ground. Moreover, it offers different types of delivery options. For example, with Date Certain Home Delivery, you get the advantage of same-day delivery.

UPS Ground

Also known as United Parcel Service, it delivers packages in distinctive brown trucks. Along with ground service, U.P.S. even provides overnight as well as two or three-day delivery. U.P.S. The ground comes with similar size limits to FedEx Ground.

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If your items are huge as per their weight, the packages might be subject to dimensional weight pricing regarding the U.P.S. Groundwork, you won’t need any account for shipping by U.P.S. Ground. All you have to do is work to any U.P.S. store and ship packages.

But, if you ship frequently, you can always schedule a daily U.P.S. pickup location. Moreover, U.P.S. Ground provides guaranteed delivery, which means you can notify customers regarding expecting their orders—besides, U.P.S. The ground even provides C.O.D. service, which useful for the businesses having B2B sales.

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How Long Does it Take USPS to Deliver?

Normally, U.P.S. Ground takes three to four days to deliver packages based on the distance. For example, a package from Los Angeles to New York takes four days.

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The US Postal Service comes with a requirement, which no private carrier does. It is responsible for delivering packages and mails to every address throughout the U.S. Therefore, USPS Priority Mail provides packages in the U.S.

It is mainly a package delivery service, a part of the post office. With the USPS Click-N-Ship service, it becomes easy to print Priority Mail postage and labels at home. Besides, you will also get exceptional services like flat rate shipping, which U.P.S. or FedEx do not offer.

Therefore, these are some of the significant differences between FedEx, U.P.S., and USPS. From here, you can get every detail about it.

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