USPS First Class Package and Other USPS Mail Classes

Discover the mail classes offered by USPS and get expert tips on how to select the best USPS first class package option for your eCommerce business.

USPS First Class Package and Other USPS Mail Classes


USPS is a cost-effective shipping method as compared to Fed-Ex and UPS and has been popular among e-businesses. You can estimate your shipping beforehand with their flat-rate shipping options.


USPS has two simple steps:

1. Print Labels

2. Drop off your package at your local USPS post office or mailbox (dependent on the size of your parcel)


Understanding Different USPS Mail Classes For Your eCommerce Business  

The profit margin of your business can be highly impacted by a mere difference of $1-2 of shipping cost as you have to ship packages in bulk. Premium shipping assures delivery in a few days but choosing four-day delivery can save you 30% of the cost.It is why we need to know the mail classes of USPS, so you can decide appropriate shipping options for your customers while being cost-friendly for yourself.


Each mail class consists of different services, presort requirements, and postage prices. We will look into the six classes and which one of them is the most suitable for you and your business and determine which service you should choose depending on your priorities. 6 classes are:

1. Priority Mail Service

It is considered the best option for eCommerce businesses. This service does not provide 1-2 day speedy delivery but provides relatively fast delivery without being too heavy on the pockets to the sellers.

The cost is determined by how far the package has to travel to be delivered. To travel the distance, it uses zones; the more zones the package crosses, the farther it goes and the higher the cost gets. For example, moving to zone 1 costs less while the package traveling to zone 9 is the most distant.

USPS has a Priority mail flat rate envelopes or boxes. Boxes can deliver anything weighing under 70lbs and can fit into the USPS-provided Priority mail flat rate box at a flat price. These boxes and envelopes can be available at the local USPS Post office or on the website.

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2. Priority Mail Express

It is the fastest delivery method offered. It gives a guaranteed delivery in 1 or 2 Days by 3 pm for any package that can mail with the insurance coverage of $100. Priority mail express can use this option any time of the year in the US. Sunday or holiday delivery requires extra cost.

This service is mainly used for extreme cases or to have the upper hand in the competitive market. So you can see if this service can be used to up your game in the market. Charge your customers accordingly.

The delivery cost depends on the weight of the package and the distance it has to travel. With Priority Mail Express, Flat rate packaging weight and the distance doesn't matter but delivered at a flat price.

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3. First- Class Mail

They are frequently used for lightweight product delivery. With the delivery within 1-3 days while being cost-effective.

It has a fixed rate of $0.55 for delivering an envelope to any destination. First-Class Mail postage provides returns and forwarding services. Registered mail and Certified Mail are also available in this service but with an additional fee.

This service is used by mostly beginning mailers because no particular payment method is required, single-pieces prices, and no mailing permit along with no presorting of mails.

Simple two steps:

1. Put on a stamp

2. Drop off at nearest USPS Mailbox

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4. USPS Marketing Mail

This service is used to send market collateral. If you want to send coupons, flyers, catalogs, or promotional pamphlets, you should consider the USPS Marketing Mail service.

You can not do single-piece postage with this service; the minimum requirement is 200 pieces or 50 pounds of mail.

There are prices for letters, flats/large envelopes, parcels, Marketing parcels, and Parcel Select Lightweight parcels in this service.


5. Periodicals

This service has a specific purpose of delivering newspapers, magazines, and other parcels to be given periodically. eCommerce businesses are least likely to use this service unless they have a physical print magazine.


6. Package Services/ USPS Ground

Three specific mail classes are merged in one: Media Mail, Library Mail, Bound Printed Matter. These options aren't much help for eCommerce businesses.

Package Services and USPS Ground packages do not receive expedited services and do not include free returns and forwarding.

It's most likely used for sending gifts and merchandise as it provides USPS tracking for free and first-class mailing isn't required for those packages.

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Which USPS Mail Class Should You Use?

Most eCommerce businesses prefer Priority Mail because it fits in the criteria they need, delivery needs to be fulfilled, and cost-effectiveness as a bonus. Flat rates are a plus point for cost-saving for the businesses depending on their weight to send.

Once again, depending on what you're delivering, Priority mail express and Marketing mail are also good options.

The fastest of all is Priority Mail Express providing overnight and 2-day delivery so that you can give the quickest delivery. Still, the charges are higher than Priority mail, so choose accordingly.


The most cost-effective sellers are Priority Mail, which can be a day or two slower than Express but is much cheaper.


For marketing-related items, you should opt for Market mail and Packages Services to ship marketing collateral. If you want to send promotional packages, then this mail is the best option.

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Flexible shipping options and simple cost structure, what other better options do you need for your business, and that is why USPS is the best choice. Compared with other shipping companies, USPS provides more chances of saving money and more accessible procedures. And with so many mail classes, you can choose the type of mailing service which is best suitable for your business and meets your criteria and business goals in the best approachable manner. So choose your delivery service wisely and save a fortune for future investments. Indeed a single penny also matters in business.

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