A Detailed Guide on UPS Next Day Air Saver

A Detailed Guide on UPS Next Day Air Saver

Customers always demand more when it comes to receiving packages soon. Due to this reason, it is a good idea to opt for overnight shipping. It helps to maintain a competitive advantage; however, it should be affordable. Therefore, you can choose UPS Next Day Air Saver as it is quite a cost-effective option.

What Is UPS Next Day Air Saver?

UPS Next Day Air Saver is a UPS shipping option that promises delivery of your package the next business day, but with a lower price tag than the regular Next Day Air service. With Next Day Air Saver, you'll still get your package within one business day, but there's a higher chance it will be delivered later in the day. That said, for some people it can be a more affordable way to get their packages quickly without breaking the bank.

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Pros of Using UPS Next Day Saver

Offers guaranteed next-day delivery: With UPS Next Day Air Saver, you can assure customers that their shipments will arrive on the next business day. This is ideal for businesses or individuals who need to guarantee that their items will arrive quickly without any delays.

Day air saver ships

With this service, customers also benefit from day air saver shipping which means that packages are transported via ground transportation. This helps keep costs down and ensures a fast delivery time with minimal environmental impact.


Overall, UPS's Next day air saver is a cost-effective option since it offers quick and inexpensive delivery services with guaranteed arrival times. This is especially beneficial for businesses looking to maintain low overhead expenses while ensuring speedy shipping of products.

Cons of Using UPS Next Day Air Saver

Limited delivery area

The downside to using this option is that it is limited in terms of its delivery area. Not all locations can receive day air saver shipments, so customers should check with their local UPS store for more information about available services.

Time Sensitive Packages

Due to the nature of day air saver shipping, items can be delayed due to weather or other issues. Time-sensitive packages may arrive late and be subject to delays impacting business operations. UPS Next Day Air Saver has pros and cons depending on the customer's particular needs. Customers should weigh their options and choose the service that best meets their requirements.

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How to track your UPS package once it's been shipped?

Customers can easily track their packages on the UPS website. All that is needed is the tracking number for the shipment, and customers can view up-to-date information about the package's location and estimated arrival time. This ensures that customers are always aware of where their items are located at any given time. Customers can also set up email notifications to be alerted when a shipment changes status or if there are delays so they can plan accordingly.

How much does UPS Next Day Air Saver cost?

The cost of UPS Next Day Air Saver depends on the shipped item's weight, size, and destination. Generally, it is more economical than other expedited shipping services since day air saver ships via ground transportation. Customers can get an estimate for their shipment using the UPS Shipping Calculator. Customers can often take advantage of discounts and special promotions to lower shipping costs. In addition, businesses may be eligible for bulk shipping rates depending on their needs.

What is the weight limit for UPS Next Day Air Saver?

The weight limit for UPS Next Day Air Saver is 150 lbs. Any packages that exceed this weight must be shipped using a different service, such as UPS Ground. Additionally, customers should note that the day air saver service does not accept dangerous goods or hazardous materials, and those shipments must be sent via other shipping methods.

What kind of tracking information will I receive?

When customers ship with UPS Next Day Air Saver, they will receive detailed tracking information, including the origin and destination of the item being shipped, the estimated delivery date, the current status of a shipment, and any changes in transit. This allows customers to monitor the progress of their package and plan accordingly easily. They can also set up email notifications to alert them when a shipment changes status or if there are delays.

What are the dimensions for UPS Next Day Air Saver?

The dimensions for UPS day air saver packages must be 108 inches in combined length and girth. Additionally, the largest size of the box cannot exceed 60 inches, and the longest side cannot exceed 30 inches. Customers should measure their items carefully before shipping to ensure they meet these requirements.

Does UPS Next Day Air Saver offer any environmental benefits?

Yes, utilizing day air savers typically has a minimal environmental impact since it ships via ground transportation rather than air freight. This allows customers to help reduce their carbon footprint while getting quick and reliable delivery service from UPS. Additionally, day air savers can be shipped with recycled packaging materials to minimize their environmental impact further.

Is There Any Difference Between UPS Next Day Air Saver, Overnight, And UPS Next Day Air?

The Next Day Air Saver is no doubt one of the most affordable overnight delivery options that UPS provides. Besides, the carrier provides four different overnight delivery methods. Let us check out some of them.

Standard overnight- It is the early morning overnight service, which targets to get products for your customers by the beginning of the business day. Therefore, the deliveries can begin in the early morning by 8 am.

Next Day Air- Here, UPS will move the package by air on the overnight delivery. However, the UPS delivery times begin from 10 am to 12 pm. These services are available in the US and Puerto Rico. 

Next Day Air Early- In case you want your packages to come early morning right after overnight travel, then you can opt for this. UPS assures next business day overnight delivery by 8 am to some of the biggest cities in the US. Other cities get their delivery by 9.30 am. However, it is only available in 48 contiguous states.

Next Day Air Saver- It is designed as a cheaper option compared to other services. Besides, it also provides a better leeway for the delivery times. According to the company, Next Day Air Saver delivers packages to various commercial destinations by 3 pm or 4.30 pm.

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The Next Day Air Saver has been designed for making overnight shipping affordable and meeting tight deadlines. In case, it is a commercial address, the delivery will require a signature. Luckily, the residential services do not require a signature; however, you can add if necessary.

Where Does UPS Next Day Air Save Serve?

UPS offers its service for both businesses as well as residential customers throughout 48 contiguous states in the US. However, there are a few limitations for the customers staying in Alaska and Hawaii.

Normally, UPS Air Saver serves in the same destinations where Next Day Air offer committed delivery during the afternoon or earlier. Therefore, it is not available in those destinations where Next Day Air serves end-of-day commitment.

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Does UPS Next Day Air Saver Offer Its Service on Saturdays?

No, Next Day Air Saver is not a part of UPS's Saturday Delivery options. However, you can opt for the standard Next Day Air as well as the early options for meeting the customers. Therefore, from the above-mentioned guide, you can know about the delivery service whereabouts of UPS Next Day Air Saver.


UPS Next Day Air Saver is an excellent choice for businesses needing fast, reliable, and affordable shipping. This service guarantees that your parcels are delivered quickly and securely, without any hassles or delays often associated with express shipping. If you're looking for an expedited solution that won't break the bank, UPS Next Day Air Saver is worth considering! Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help reduce your shipping costs - without sacrificing speed or quality.

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