Cheapest Overnight Shipping Options for Retailers

Cheapest Overnight Shipping Options for Retailers

Customers are more excited than ever to receive online orders quickly. Speed is everything in online retail. This article is all about the cheapest and fastest overnight shipping options for eCommerce companies.

The Need for Speed

Amazon turned heads years ago when it offered 2-day Prime shipping. Recently, the upped the ante with next-day and same-day delivery. E-commerce companies were left scrambling to keep up.

If you count yourself among them, you clicked the right link. This article covers affordable overnight shipping methods that will get your products to customers’ doors lightning fast.

Why the Rush?

Fast shipping for online orders is the norm today. Customers are itching to get products faster than we ever thought possible in the early days of e-commerce. They want products delivered quickly, even for non-essential items. Hey, it’s just the way it is nowadays.

Because customers receive orders so fast on sites like Amazon, it encourages last-minute purchases. These days, you can wait until your toothpaste runs out, knowing you can get a new tube on your doorstep tomorrow. Sure, you could just run to the corner store. But people these days are busy.

Sites that offer overnight shipping or expedited delivery also win for last-minute birthday and holiday gifts. We’ve all been there.

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Its Not Just Amazon that Has Fast Shipping

If Amazon isn’t your competitor, that doesn’t mean you can get away with slow shipping. Plenty of retailers offer 2-day shipping or faster. Whether it’s buying clothing from ASOS or Revolve, shopping for Apple products, scoring new Ray-Ban sunglasses, or buying Home Depot products, online retailers are on the fast track to delivery. Don’t get left in their dust.

A recent study from Arvato found that 24% of customers abandoned a cart due to slow shipping options. As you can see, you can boost conversions by merely offering overnight delivery. Customers are willing to pay extra to get product overnighted when there is a real need.

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Who has the Cheapest Overnight Shipping?

These quick-and-dirty rules will help you figure out the best overnight shipping options for your online business.

For small items, USPS Priority Mail Express Flat Rate is the cheapest overnight delivery method. The caveat? Your products must fit in their packaging and weigh less than 70 lbs. USPS overnight prices start at $24.70.

Large items can be heavy and expensive to ship. For products, more than 70 lbs., turn to UPS Overnight Delivery or FedEx Priority Shipping. Unlike USPS, package size plays a bigger role than weight in calculating their overnight shipping costs. Both carriers boast reliable overnight delivery.

The cheapest UPS overnight shipping option is the UPS Next Day Air Saver for delivery by 3 pm the next day. They also have overnight options that can get the package there earlier in the day as well. For UPS overnight shipping costs, click here.

FedEx tends to be the most expensive option, but they offer excellent service. To get the FedEx overnight shipping cost, click here. FedEx standard overnight will get your package delivered by 3 pm the next day, which is their cheapest overnight option. Earlier delivery options are also available, with a higher price tag to match.

For urgent international shipments, the best overnight shipping carrier is DHL same-day international delivery gets shipments across borders in hours. Click here for DHL same-day prices.

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What is the Cost of overnight mail?

The answer is it depends on the size and weight of the package, where it ships from, and the customer’s location. Depending on what you sell, shipping prices can vary since the size and weight matters. Your best bet is using the links above to calculate costs from the major carriers. It only takes a few minutes.

Are You Interested in Saving Money on Shipping?

3PL pick-and-pack companies may be able to reduce shipping costs by negotiating with the carriers as part of your e-commerce fulfillment service. 

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