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September 12, 2021

Online Marketers Guide to Walmart Fulfillment Services

Walmart Fulfillment Services started in February 2020, putting Walmart in a stronger position to compete with Amazon. Walmart Fulfillment Services is a fulfillment network that Walmart owns and operates. It enables brands selling on Walmart to transport inventory directly to Walmart fulfillment centers for storage and order fulfillment for products purchased on Walmart.com.

Walmart Fulfillment Services is an alternative program for Marketplace merchants who wish to outsource their fulfillment. Sellers can store stock in Walmart Fulfillment Centers located around the United States and outsource order selection, packing, and shipping to Walmart.

Walmart Fulfillment Services vs. Amazon FBA


While FBA provides deeper information to sellers and the additional benefit of delivering orders for select websites outside of Amazon, Walmart is rapidly improving its reporting. Over the previous three months, Walmart has made significant changes to its reporting, including working directly with its approved sellers to create dashboards. These dashboards will assist sellers in understanding product performance as well as determining which items not yet offered on Walmart have the most chance of performing well on the platform.

Product preparation

Unlike Amazon's Seller Central, Walmart's Seller Portal does not yet allow you to create the box labels or shipping labels necessary for delivering to Walmart's fulfillment center. As a result, shipping preparation might be a time-consuming manual procedure.

Product Requirements for Walmart Fulfillment Services

Walmart Fulfillment Services has stricter product restrictions than FBA. Walmart is working hard to prevent counterfeit products from contaminating its marketplace and keep warehousing to a minimum, learning from some of Amazon's mistakes. The following are some Walmart Fulfillment Services(WFS) product criteria, as well as how they differ from FBA.

WFS – Products must ship to Walmart fulfillment centers from within the United States.

FBA – Amazon FBA centers will accept international shipments if the correct labeling is applied, including box and pallet labels if shipping LTL.

WFS – Country of Origin must be on the retail packaging.

FBA – This is not required at FBA.

WFS – Products must have UPCs on the product packaging.

FBA – Amazon's ASIN labels can be printed and applied to products when needed. WFS does not offer labeling options or services.

WFS – Maximum product weight is 30 lbs.

FBA – Will accept shipping cases up to 50 lbs., along with single products weighing over 150 lbs. (with additional fees applied).

WFS – Maximum product dimensions: 25″ x 20″ x 14″.

FBA – Dimensions up to 25" on any side. FBA also accepts single oversized items over 108" on its longest side and over 165" in length + girth.

Benefits Of Walmart Fulfillment Services Vs. Amazon FBA

How do the advantages of using Walmart Fulfillment Services compare to those of Fulfillment by Amazon? These are the key differentiators that make WFS stand out:

Quick shipping - for a minimum purchase of $35, customers can get free 2-day shipping.

Two Day Tags - these are given to listings that use WFS and are eligible for the free 2-day shipping option, which boosts their ranking and increases chances of winning the Buy Box.

Leverage Walmart's strong presence - 90% of Americans live within 15 minutes of a Walmart shop, thus allowing consumers to come to the stores for returns or customer support makes purchasing and selling with Walmart more accessible and appealing.

Exclusive inventory - whether you have a product identical to another seller's or not, yours is treated separately by default. This reduces the possibility of commingling-related errors or mislabeling.

The central selling point for Fulfillment by Amazon, on the other hand, is its variety of alternatives. FBA has won the confidence of its clients and expanded its range of products as it has been in business for a more extended period. FBA may fulfill purchases from Amazon and other sites, and it has initiatives for specific merchants, such as "Small & Light." When determining whether to use WFS, it is critical to examine which service will benefit you and your clients the most.

FAQs About Walmart Fulfillment Services

How do Walmart Fulfillment Services work?

Sellers can use Walmart Fulfillment Services to store their stock at Walmart-owned fulfillment centers. Then, when a customer places a purchase on Walmart.com, the WFS team will choose, pack, and ship it on the seller's behalf. Walmart also handles customer service and returns for WFS orders.

Which products are a good fit for WFS?

Although Walmart shops are known for their "everyday low prices" and low-cost purchases, Walmart.com is changing its attention to a younger, urban, and wealthier clientele.

After purchasing numerous high-end eCommerce portals, Walmart.com now sells luxury products such as Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton handbags, and Chanel perfume. However, it is worth mentioning that Walmart's quick eCommerce development is not only attributable to luxury goods, and the company is extending its collection to include all brands that are not presently available on Walmart.com.

Who is eligible for Walmart Fulfillment Service?

Walmart Fulfillment Service is only offered to vendors that presently sell on the Walmart marketplace. However, the service has been gradually handed out to marketplace vendors as well. As a result, vendors selling on the Walmart marketplace for a long time or who have brought in large sales volumes now prioritize enrollment.

Walmart Fulfillment Service, which may be accessed via the Seller Center, requires that applicants ensure that:

· The applicant has a Marketplace ID

· The applicant is currently a Marketplace vendor in good standing.

How Does the Pricing Structure Work?

The Walmart Fulfillment Service price structure is clear. The program costs by dimensions weight or shipment weight, whichever is greater, with no extra expenses. The program's fee starts at $3.40 for items weighing less than a pound and increases from there based on the weight of the offer.

The program's storage space is also minimal. Every month, Walmart Fulfillment Service costs $0.75 per cubic foot for storage space. You won't be surprised by any costs because they are clearly shown in your marketplace account.

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