Where Are Walmart Fulfilment Centers Located?

Where Are Walmart Fulfilment Centers Located?

Walmart is the world's biggest retailer. Hence, it's natural that its supply chain network is humongous. The current strength of Walmart distribution centers occupies a total area of 146 million square feet while the retail stores of Walmart occupy 783 million square feet. From the first warehouse, which started functioning in 1970, Walmart's supply chain has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds. Walmart supplies all kinds of goods right from general merchandise to perishable products to its retail stores and Sam's Club stores through the network of distribution centers.

The network of Walmart distribution centers is dynamic and keeps on evolving. Thus, the suppliers of Walmart must remain updated about the list of distribution centers, stores, and clubs. Some examples of the kinds of network of Walmart distribution centers have been discussed here.

What are Walmart Distribution Centers?

A Walmart Distribution Centre is where the merchandise is received from the manufacturers/suppliers, sorted, held, and finally delivered to the Walmart Stores and Sam's Clubs. Each distribution center is about 1 million square feet in size. A distribution center usually unloads 200 trucks each day and employs approximately 600 personnel. Each distribution center of Walmart supplies 90-100 stores. The stores are typically located within 150 miles around the center. 

There is a subtype of a distribution center called fulfillment center. A fulfillment center Walmart manages the online orders. The Walmart fulfillment centers are responsible for picking, packing, storing, and shipping goods directly to customers who place orders through the eCommerce platform of Walmart

The network of Walmart distribution centers is currently made of 150 distribution centers, and the number is likely to increase.

Why You Need To Know About Walmart Distribution Centers?

The Walmart distribution/fulfillment centers are divided based on the categories of goods they receive, store, distribute, and types of support areas. The suppliers of Walmart need to know about the distribution centers which manage goods they deal in and the Walmart distribution center locations which fall in the region in which they operate. An updated list helps plan shipments and stay aligned with Walmart's current distribution network.

Example of Walmart distribution centers

There are many kinds of Walmart distribution centers, such as:

- Regional General Merchandise Distribution Centers

- eCommerce fulfillment Centers

- Specialty Distribution Centers

- Full Line Grocery, Grocery

- Perishables Food Fashion Distribution Centers

- Import and Redistribution Centers

- Center Point Distribution Centers

- Sam's Club Distribution Centers. 

Let's take the example of Walmart distribution center locations in the USA, focused on fulfilling online orders. 25 e-commerce distribution centers in the USA are entirely focused on eCommerce goods. In addition, there are eight regional distribution centers, 6 Sam's Club Stores, two fashion distribution centers, and three import distribution centers that also deal in eCommerce goods. 

Here is a list of all the Walmart fulfillment Centers


The Walmart of the future is not only about brick and mortar stores, but also an online shopping destination. With new distribution centers popping up in Canada and Mexico, there are more than 12 international locations that need to be updated on a regular basis. It’s easy to see how suppliers might miss a location or two as they work with all these different updates coming from Walmart headquarters. If you want your product stocked at one of their many retail outlets worldwide, it may help to have someone who knows the network well keep track for you so you can stay updated without missing out!

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