How To Sell On Walmart And Tips To Boost Sales

How To Sell On Walmart And Tips To Boost Sales

Being a highly regarded online retailer enjoying more than 100 million visitors per month, any seller can expect his/her product to grab the maximum possible eyeballs. Making a transaction over Walmart is straightforward as well as it doesn’t demand any transaction fee per order. One can expect payment to be made every alternate week, with referral fees getting reduced automatically. 

There is no need to worry about customer support, considering that Walmart offers complete control to the seller in this regard. One can even connect and answer customer queries directly. With no charges to set up or subscribe (no monthly fees as well) and offering freedom for the sellers to ship their own, Walmart provides every reason to be a favorite of all. 

After knowing so many advantages, if you are already interested in how to sell on Walmart, the following guide can be handy.

How to Start Selling on Walmart Marketplace and Effective Tips to Boost Sales

Selling on Walmart is a two-step process, as detailed below.

Fulfilling the application process

The first step is about applying for selling at Walmart, which is expected not to take more than 15 minutes. All that one need is to ensure about fulfilling the following requirements. 

1. Tax ID for US Business

2. Either W8 or W9, along with a Letter of EIN Verification obtained through Treasury Department to verify the business address in the US

3. Strategic integration process regarding the product catalog 

4. Detail of main product categories, size of Catalog, and other concerned detail

5. Make sure that the Catalog doesn’t include anything from the Prohibited Product of Walmart  

6. Past of marketplace success or success of eCommerce

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The next step after obtaining approval is the registration. One can quickly receive a mail with a link for doing business registration. Following are the steps one must follow to complete registration.

Account creation

The first step is to create a username and password. The username often gets auto-filled following the details provided in the application. You can use these credentials to get access to Seller Center.  

Retailer agreement 

A retainer agreement is a legal agreement that the marketplace sellers have to sign. There remains T&C those sellers have to accept before going ahead.

Company registration

After fulfilling the retailer agreement, the next step is to do company registration upon providing details like display name plus corporate address. That uninitiated, Display Name is the name that the customers can see on Walmart. The corporate address is the internal address often used.   

Tax forms

This step is about filling a W-9 form regarding taxation affairs. Requisite fields here are- TIN, name, and address.   

Payment info

Noteworthy here is that Walmart has a partnership with, as well as with It means one can make the processing of partner payments through it. However, one needs to register with both these sites to receive the payments. However, Payoneer is the explicit option available for the sellers along with the W-8ECI classification.         

Shipping detail

This step is about selecting the pricing model for shipping and a mode of shipping, and the region to be sold at. The shipping method by default includes Standard, Expedited, Next Day, and Value. 

Post completion of initial set-up, the seller will be able to go deep within the shipping method upon exploring the shipping templates of Walmart Marketplace, which is customizable. 

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List, and finally, go selling

So, the ultimate step of onboarding for a seller is to list their Catalog and test the orders before going live officially. Post completion of this process, one can ensure a sleek experience after the customers are all set to list your items in their carts.  

Strategies to Boost Sales on Walmart

After the products become available in the store to be purchased, one must keep optimizing the Catalog and performance to boost the sales. In this context, the following tips can be helpful.  

1. Do check your listing upon going through the dashboard called Unpublished Items

2. It would help if you optimized the listing through the Listing Quality dashboard

3. You can explore services of Expedited Shipping to increase customer base

4. There is Enhanced Returns to handle the returns affairs better  

5. You can explore the Pro Seller Badge to stay ahead in the competition

6. One can attain more fabulous sales upon advertising through sponsored products

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So, that’s all about how to sell on Walmart. One can undoubtedly boost his/her eCommerce business incredibly upon exploring the scope of Walmart. The process of approval, as well as selling, is relatively straightforward. All that one need is to ensure the product quality to expect more incredible sales results.

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