Everything you should know about Wal-Mart Marketplace

Answer all the questions you have about Wal-Mart marketplace in this ultimate guide. Learn how to set-up an account and the process to start selling on walmart marketplace. Click here for more information.

Everything you should know about Wal-Mart Marketplace

Walmart’s marketplace is a commissariat community of respected, professional sellers who offer only the top-quality, authentic product and give best-in-class customer service. This is one of the top marketplaces where you can avail of almost all varieties of products. Walmart’s marketplace cares about its customer’s satisfaction, and it is the pivotal part of the sales. 

Walmart Marketplace 101: Importance, How to Get Started and other FAQs

This is an online marketing platform just like Amazon and eBay that allows the third-party seller to list the products that he or she wants to sell on the www.Walmart.com site. Marketing on this platform makes it easier for you to bring your services and goods in front of a huge desk. These items appear along with other products on the Walmart SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

Sellers get an incredible opportunity to grow their business in the competitive online platform. Walmart’s marketplace is highly beneficial as it provides the seller complete control of their business. The seller gets the opportunity to retail the pricing, inventory, customer care, and fulfillment. 

What Criteria Does Walmart Marketplace Look for in the Seller?

The seller should possess some essential criteria to be a part of the Walmart platform. The criteria include:

  • Best Customer support
  • Excellent product assortment
  • Fast fulfillment with reliability

How to Get Started with Walmart Marketplace

The following procedure will help you to start your Walmart business:

1. Open the official website of Walmart marketplace.

2. Click the apply button on the top right corner of the page.

3. Fill up the form with appropriate details.

4. After filling the form, click the Apply now button.

5. Read the Retailer Agreement carefully.

6. Sign the Retailer Agreement to start the onboarding process.

How Long Does Approval Take?

Well, this is the most common factor that you are wondering about. So here is the answer to your question: the Walmart team reviews the application thoroughly, which takes about two weeks. Then the Business Development Manager of Walmart comes to you for verification purposes. This whole process takes up to 4 weeks. 

What is the Process of Selling in Walmart?

Once all the registration process is done, you will get an invitation to Sign-up and have to follow specific steps:

Create the Account

Create the account by signing up with Walmart. Please provide the required information and email address, and password to gain the ultimate control over its Seller Center.

Company Registration

Provide the desired name and corporate address to register your company information and click Save and Continue.


Fill in the required details of Form W-9 to issue the 1099s in the year-end for tax purposes, including your name, address, and TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number), and click Save and Continue. 

Payment Info

You have to be registered with Payoneer to receive the payment from Walmart. 

Shipping Details

After all, this Walmart would ask for the shipping charges. You have to be very careful at this stage as it will signify your price model for shipping your products on Walmart.com.

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