Amazon Seller Account- How You Can open It and Common FAQs

Find out the answers to frequently asked questions about being an Amazon seller. Get an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to set-up your Amazon seller account. Learn more here.

Amazon Seller Account- How You Can open It and Common FAQs

Amazon turned out to be an ideal e-commerce platform due to the availability of millions of products. The business is still growing and is creating more opportunities for the sellers to increase their sales through Amazon.

As we all know, eCommerce went through a sudden upsurge during 2020 due to the pandemic situation. Consumers primarily had to shift their urge of in-store shopping to online shopping. Therefore, almost 34% per cent of the consumers believed that pandemic resulted in increased expenditure on online shopping.

However, the overall expenditure dropped. When 2020 reached the end, almost 74% of consumers believed that online shopping could become the future of consumer shopping. Back in2016, nearly 90% of shoppers opted for online shopping, especially with Amazon.

As an Amazon seller, you have to follow the terms and conditions of the company. Apart from that, you have to consider other factors as well. For example, responding to customer queries within 24hrs, sending quick confirmation emails, etc. If you do not follow these protocols, then your account will be suspended. Here are some of the ways by which you can easily create an account.

How to Open an Amazon Seller Account and Common FAQs

Find Out the Type of Seller Account You Want

To begin with your account, you have to visit the service page of Amazon. After signing in, you will get options to choose between selling as an individual or as a professional. If you are a newbie on eCommerce and want to sell less than forty items every month, sell as an individual. 

You have to pay almost $0.99 along with other fees. The professional seller account is ideal for those who intend to sell about fifty to sixty items or even more than that. For a professional seller account, you have to pay $39.99 every month, including other fees.

Provide the necessary information

When creating a seller account, make sure to provide your full name and email address. After that, you will have to create a password, and you have to provide your legal name. This means that you will be providing the taxes on your income. 

Although you won't require any legal business for selling on Amazon if you do not have a legal name, you can use your personal information if you do not have one. The best part is you can easily change the account structure and classification. All you have to do is keep updating the account information anytime you want.

Set your Amazon store

Once you are done creating your account, make sure to set your store. When creating a store for the consumers, mindfully choose the store name. For example, if your store sells different items, then choose a generic display name. However, if you sell specific items like makeup or skincare products, choose a name according to your sell products.

Therefore, these are a few ways that you can follow to create a seller account on Amazon. Sticking to these ways will prevent your account from suspending.


Is it necessary to use FBA?

FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is mainly a fee-based service that Amazon offers. Here, the sellers keep their products in the fulfilment centers. Amazon efficiently manages picking, packing, and shipping the items, including providing customer service. In case you want to use FBA, then you will have to pay a monthly inventory charge.

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When will you get paid?
Amazon marketplace makes the payment to the sellers within fourteen days. If you hear about sellers getting quick payment, then chances are there that they sell products in high volume. 

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