What Is Direct Fulfillment?

Learn the basics of direct fulfillment and how it can benefit your business. In today's blog post, we will explore what this term means and how it can help you!

What is direct fulfillment? This is a question that business owners may ask themselves from time to time. In today's blog post, we will explore what this term means and how it can benefit your business. Stay tuned!

What is Direct Fulfillment?

"Direct fulfillment" refers to sending an order directly to a customer. Direct fulfillment is when your eCommerce firm performs D2C (direct to consumer) sales and sends orders to your consumers. However, if you sell wholesale to other internet shops, you will ship them large quantities of your items. These shops will then keep your merchandise and fulfill customer purchases. Indirect distribution is the term for this type of distribution.

Amazon lists things it hasn't acquired and doesn't have in stock via Direct Fulfillment. Once a customer places an order, Amazon sends it to the supplier, which ships it to the customer. Once an item is ordered, Amazon compensates for it. Dropshipping is essentially what this is.

Direct Fulfillment's Benefits

- The branding, stock, and sales are all within your authority.

- It's simple to get off if you have enough room, print address labels, choose and pack, and wait in line at the postal office. That implies you'll be able to fulfill orders on your own!

- It works effectively if your critical consumers are nearby, the logistics are simple, and the shipping costs are low, particularly if you're just getting started or have a small order volume.

- Because this choice allows for more client engagement, you can become closer to your consumers. Customizing branding and packaging is also a breeze.

Direct Fulfillment's Drawbacks

- To handle customer support and fulfillment procedures, this strategy necessitates employee resources. This is most likely diverting resources away from selling and expanding the company.

- To store things, you'll need enough warehouse space.

- Working with a 3PL might make it more challenging to ensure quick overseas shipment.

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What Is Amazon Direct Fulfillment, And How Does It Work?

Amazon Direct Fulfillment is a fulfillment solution for Amazon sellers. Amazon Dropship Central was the previous name for the program. Remember, vendors are not the same as Amazon merchants. 

A seller is a self-employed online retailer who sells things on Amazon.com. The products of an Amazon merchant are not listed on the platform. On the other hand, a vendor is a corporation that sells stuff to Amazon commercially. Their items are labeled "Sold by Amazon," and Amazon sells them to customers.

A seller ships a wholesale order to Amazon in the ordinary course of business. Amazon stores the goods, selects and packs orders, and ships orders via eCommerce. Whenever Amazon's inventory gets low, it sends a purchase requisition to the seller, who ships more goods.

On the other hand, Amazon merchandise flew off warehouse shelves quicker than warehouse employees could refill them during COVID. Vendors do not have adequate lead time to avoid items running out of stock.

Amazon Direct Fulfillment is a service that helps Amazon fulfill orders. When Amazon loses out of an item, a participating merchant can ship it straight to customers rather than listing it as out of inventory.

Since the retailer (Amazon) offers items to customers and the producer sends the article when a customer puts an order, Amazon is akin to drop shipping. But, while Amazon has some influence over the purchase, it isn't precisely the very same. Amazon covers the cost of delivery and also customer support and returns.


Direct fulfillment is one of the newest and best ways to save time, money, and resources. We can help you with everything from picking orders off your shelves in real-time to packing each order individually so that it's ready for shipping when we pick it up. If you're looking to cut costs without having a negative impact on customer service or product quality, contact us today!

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