Things to Know About Pick and Packing

Get to know the different methods of pick and pack for your warehouse set up. Understand how to make the pick pack ship a success for your eCommerce business.

Things to Know About Pick and Packing

As a part of the eCommerce business, you can get the pick and pack service from the 3PL providers. Alternatively, you might have to manage everything on your own for order fulfillment. In both the processes, pick and pack is a common scenario and contains four different steps.

Steps in Pick and Packing Orders

1. Receiving order- The eCommerce sales channel remains connected with the warehouse systems. Once any customer places an order, software present at the warehouse fulfillment generates a slip.

2. Picking the order- One warehouse worker takes the packing slip and picks your ordered item from the warehouse shelves. This step is the core of the pick and pack service. It determines the efficiency of the process and the action. Moreover, different methods work for other businesses based on sales volume.

3. Packing the order- The ordered item goes for loading to the packing station, packed, sealed, and labeled securely for shipping.

4. Shipping the order- The customer orders go through sorting on the loading dock. Once it is done, the order becomes ready for pickup by the carrier by the end of the day.

The entire process of shipping might seem simple. However, it is pretty tough as a complex science work behind the pick and pack service. If you know about these strategies and methods, it will help you run your business smoothly.

Methods of Pick and Packing for eCommerce Business Owners

With picking and packing, you begin with the methods that you used earlier in life. First, you have to organize everything accordingly, choose the product, and pack accordingly. Alternatively, you can fill orders the way you assemble gifts for your friends.

Initially, it might work for your eCommerce business. However, once you grow, you have to think about adopting other strategies. Even if you work from your garage, opting for good pick and pack methods helps in reducing mistakes and returns. Let us check out some of the primary pick and pack methods, which eCommerce companies utilize for fulfillment.

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Piece Picking

In this process, you accept package slips for a single order. You keep moving around the warehouse to pick items for an order. After you have every order, you take everything to the packing station. Piece picking is the best choice if your business is small and you receive limited orders daily.

Batch Picking

It is the best process if you have huge orders and have to organize them into batches. Every batch of the orders is for the items, which are in the same warehouse area.

You can even use batch picking in case your business is small.

Just think how easy it is to choose one order at one time every day. This process is more efficient than picking every order and pack it when you receive it.

Once you pick the order, it becomes easy to batch them. Moreover, various software for pick and pack is available that helps with batching orders when it comes to batch orders.

Hence, it is necessary to know these essential things about pick and pack as a part of the eCommerce business.

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