What Is an Automated Warehouse Picking System?

What Is an Automated Warehouse Picking System?

An automated warehouse picking refers to a situation where the picking process is handled by the systems instead of getting it done by a human being. The best example of automated warehouse picking is the implementation of robotic warehouse pickers to fasten picking. 

The task done by a robot is like that of human pickers. Robotic warehouse pickers are collaborative mobile robots that can also select a heavy stock, which is tedious and time-consuming for human pickers. Due to this speed in work, the time taken by a robotic warehouse picker is less, and the routes followed also become less. 

An automated warehouse picking system proves to be efficient in the case of big warehouses where numbers of inventories are stored and must be picked frequently. Warehouses that deal with food and beverages and medical equipment must implement automated picking systems. Even manufacturing, transportation, and retail industries can use automated picking systems. The loading and unloading of stock can be done smoothly by implementing an automated warehouse picking system.

What Are The Benefits Of Automated Warehouse Picking?

The following are the benefits enjoyed by implementing automated warehouse picking.

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Less Space Consumption

 Earlier, machine tools such as conveyors, retrieval systems, etc., were utilized to reduce the walking and shorten fulfillment services. These machine tools must be placed in a place when not in use. An automated warehouse picker does not require much space when not in use. So, You must allocate additional space for such machines' tools.

Speed In Work

 Even though a robot is not a complete substitution for a human being, you can do smooth work without delay. Robots do the task of picking two times quicker than human beings. The robots do not need extra time for rest in between the functions.

No Training Required

 A robot can be programmed to work initially. Hence it does not need hours of rigorous training compared to its human counterparts.


As robots are built with sensor technology, you can minimize hand movement. The robots can quickly move around humans and the machinery available. This way, you can avoid a lot of accidents in the warehouse.

Less Investment

Even the implementation of an automated warehouse picking system involves some investment initially, the benefits enjoyed by performance are incomparable. Even though one robot creates problems in the functioning, other robots can be used for work.

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So there you have it! We’ve explored automated warehouse picking systems and some of the key benefits that they can offer businesses. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to pick, pack, and ship your products, then an automated warehouse picking system may be just what you need. Get in touch with our team at Simpl today to learn more about how we can help streamline your operations and boost your fulfillment. Thanks for reading!

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