Why Custom Packaging Is Vital for Your Ecommerce Brand

Find out how custom packaging can improve customers experience. Learn how to use custom packaging for your eCommerce brand. Secrets of successful eCommerce businesses revealed here.

Why Custom Packaging Is Vital for Your Ecommerce Brand

Not every e-commerce company wants or needs custom boxes. However, if you want to elevate your brand and distinguish it from others, then branded boxes can accomplish this while delighting customers with a memorable, unboxing experience. Branded shipping boxes add a premium touch to otherwise plain cardboard packaging. 


Customers always look forward to packages arriving in the mail. You can surprise and delight them with packaging that exceeds their expectations. Custom printed boxes help you do just that. It's all part of your branding.

Think of it this way...

Sitting among the piles of plain cardboard boxes in the mailroom sits something special…a branded package! There's just something captivating about it. It looks better than those basic cardboard packages. That gives buyers the impression that your online store is different, special, better than the rest. 


When you sell high-end products, customers expect the very best. Not only should the product wow them, but your packaging should as well. It's part of the customer experience. If you're serious about your brand, you have to think about the 'big picture.'


Brand differentiation is important in today's hyper-competitive retail environment. You have to get creative to make your e-commerce company stand out. There are several steps along the customer journey that you can use touchpoints to create a branded experience. 

By creating an experience, the customer isn't just buying an item from you. They are stepping into your world. And if they like the product and how the shopping experience made them feel, that builds customer loyalty.

Remember that awesome custom-printed box they received in the mail? It was special. Then the customer feels special by association. See how that works?


Everyone who caught a glimpse of the package on its way to the customer has now heard about your brand. It's like free advertising, and perhaps the world's easiest way to raise brand awareness.

The more the customer is reminded of who they are doing business with, the better. Adding logos to custom shipping boxes cements your brand in their mind.

One example is TV commercials, where they repeat the phone number several times. That's so it sticks in the listener's mind. You can do the same by visually placing your brand name or logo in the customer's line of sight. Your shipping boxes are just one of many places you can do that.


Have you ever ordered a product online and forgot where you bought it? Well, if you need to buy that item again in the future, your online search starts all over. That leaves room for competitors to swoop in and steal the customer away. 

Now imagine that customer was yours. That could have been your repeat customer. No fair! 

Branded shipping boxes remind customers where they made a purchase in the giant world of online stores. Branded packaging is pretty memorable, too. It's more likely customers will remember you if you use it. That means they will (hopefully) come back for more.

With each sale, they become more connected to doing business with you and more engaged with your brand.


Now that you have reeled them in with a stunning branded box, next, you can hook them with creative packaging. Including a handwritten note is a nice way to get customers more connected to your brand. Tissue paper and postcard inserts are another way you can do this. 

Of course, it should all tie into your branding and company ethos. You want everything to look cohesive. Whether it is the color scheme or type of packaging materials, it's the details that count.

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