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Amazon FBA
August 31, 2021

Common Acronyms and Terms for Amazon FBA sellers

Amazon FBA service is a popular selling service that sellers join from time to time. If you are also planning to join the Amazon FBA brigade for its unique features, it is better to know a few inside terms in use every day. Amazon FBA itself is a shortened term for Fulfilled by Amazon service. Like this, many words may look like letters to someone from the outside but are part of Amazon FBA sellers' vocabulary. When you join the Amazon FBA service, you will slowly learn about these words and terms. 

However, you can learn about some essential terms through this article. In this one, we will talk about some common acronyms, abbreviations, and words that are very familiar to an Amazon FBA seller. This will help you grasp the service extensively and reduce the chances of confusion when you finally join it. 

Apart from acronyms, some complete terms are only used in the Amazon seller community. By going through the next section, you will form an idea about them in short. 

The Most Common Acronyms For Amazon FBA Sellers 

ABC- ABC is not the start of the alphabet for an Amazon FBA seller. ABC is short for the Amazon Boot Camp. Amazon Boot Camp is a series of interactive videos that aid the seller in doing product descriptions for his products. The Amazon Boot Camp is like a fresher's course that helps start sellers in the FBA program to set shop easily. It helps in the induction of sellers into the Amazon FBA program. A seller can take an ABC course when he starts with the FBA enrolment.

ASIN- Amazon Standard Identification Number- Every product listed on Amazon has an ASIN or identification number. Amazon issues these unique numbers for the categorization of an identity. Every product page on the Amazon website has an ASIN linked with it. When you click on any product page on the website, the ASIN linked with it gets activated. The ASIN is connected with all vital information about a product and helps select and ship it. No two products have the same ASIN. If you assign a new product to an existing ASIN, you can receive penalty charges as an Amazon seller. Therefore, sellers put in a new ASIN for new products during the listing. Sellers use this number when they use seller tools like the FBA calculator. 

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AZ or AMZ- AZ or AMZ is often used as a shortened version of Amazon. In different contexts, AZ is used to denote Amazon. It can be on the label, invoice, or even in conversations around Amazon and its customer service. 

BB- BB denotes the Buy Box for sellers and buyers. BB is where the buyer quickly buys a product with one click on the feature page. Sellers can take this action for featured sellers and products. This action boosts sales of certain products as a buyer can take swift purchase action for a product. Sellers have an objective of becoming featured sellers because of the BB feature to get maximum revenue and profits on their products. 

BL- BL is an abbreviation used for Big Lots. Big Lots is a discount store frequented by many FBA sellers. 

BISS- BISS stands for Business, Industrial and Scientific Supplies. BISS is a limited category of goods that has restrictions for most Amazon sellers. 

BM- Brick and Mortar stores refer to BM in Amazon lingo. BM denotes any store that has a physical location. Primarily, these stores operate as hyper-local retail businesses. Such businesses need customer footfall in a reality where selling and buying action is physical. 

BOGO- BOGO is a term that Amazon and many e-commerce websites use during sales or offers. BOGO is a standard offer where the buyer buys one and gets one product for free. The BOGO offer is a great one to attract customers and visitors. Furthermore, it drives more business because people see it as a profitable deal. Many customers also make impulsive purchases under this offer. 

Brand Registry- is a feature where the seller gets their product registered for copyright or trademark so that no issues arise with copying the product or its sales. 

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Bundle- A bundle is a group of products registered under a single label. For example, combo deals offered by sellers is a registered bundle on the platform. The entire bundle registers as one product in the listing process. 

Category- Category is a section where the different products are segregated and listed under. The Amazon platform has the main category as well as a subcategory. For better sales, sellers list these products under different categories. Sellers also use these categories to filter out what product they need. 

These are some of the initial short forms, terms, and acronyms used on the platform of Amazon. There are many more abbreviations and acronyms to take note of. However, it would help if you started with these for better understanding.

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