Let's get into it.

We're working to change how Amazon sellers have their inventory prepped. Between our powerful software and fantastic client relations team, we've got you covered. Our FBA Prep services are pay peruse, so you only pay for what you use when you use us.

There are no commitments, hidden fees, signup fees, etc. You can use us as often as you need. For some sellers, we handle removals every other quarter as they need them, and others are sending us containers weekly. We want to work with Amazon sellers of all sizes to help you succeed.

Our process is really simple. Once you've signed up for our software, you can create Inbounds to us as needed and we'll turn those around in a few business days depending on volume and prep requirements. You can always chat with us or email us as well with any questions.

You can view our full pricing here: https://www.notion.so/simplteam/Simpl-Fulfillment-FBA-Prep-Pricing-a85f1e414b6d484dacb5df2056f2a6e6

If the pricing looks good and you're ready to start, click the Info button to move to the next step.

Just a few more things...

We have a few ground rules before you get started...

1) No hazardous or oversized items without prior approval.
2) All shipments must follow our address format below. Any shipments that don't and aren't claimed within two weeks, we'll dispose of or donate.
3) Unless noted otherwise, we, by default, prep all inventory on the Inbound and send it into FBA. However, you can put notes on the Inbound if you want us to store inventory or hold, and you can also email clients@simplfulfillment.com.
4) All invoices must be paid promptly. As we don't require agreements, credit checks, etc., we reserve the right to hold inventory if your payment fails. If we don't receive payment and can't reach you, we'll dispose of or donate inventory after two weeks.
5) An Inbound is required for each shipment you're sending to our warehouse. Please make sure you make the Inbound as soon as you know you're sending inventory to us so our warehouse team can plan accordingly.
6) We do not offer phone support by default. We'll assign an account manager to larger sellers and are quick to answer emails, but in general, we don't offer phone support.
7) If you want to use inventory for FBM, you'll need to speak with an account manager as that's a different offering. But, again, this is just for FBA Prep.
8) If you need anything or have any questions - we have an incredible client relations team and sales team that can help. You can email clients@simplfulfillment.com, and they'll route it to the right person.

If you're ready to actually get started... Click "Get Started."

Now the fun part!

If you've made it this far, you're ready to begin using Simpl for your FBA Prep needs.

Our address is:

Simpl Fulfillment
3714 Bluestein Drive
Suite 700
Austin, TX 78721

Please make sure you follow this format.

All you have to do is click here , link your Amazon via the API, create an Inbound and watch the magic happen!