5 Amazing and Free Shopify Themes You Can Try Today

Planning to start a Shopify store in 2021? Increase your chances of success with these 5 most recommended Shopify themes.

5 Amazing and Free Shopify Themes You Can Try Today

Shopify is a fantastic platform to start your e-business. It will help you expand your existing online commerce and give you a heads-up about e-commerce further. Therefore it would build your ability stronger in the e-commerce field.

The e-platform is amazingly flexible, white-collared, and very easy to set all things up. But when you choose among all the fascinating Shopify themes, it would lay you to some serious decision-making.

Therefore, Shopify themes are the diagrams our vendor on their e-business platform. Therefore there are many free and worthy themes you can use for your start-up.

How to Choose Shopify Themes

You will come across multiple themes available online. However, it depends on the theme that you like the most. Therefore it's an extensive decision for both- buyer and seller. Here are some tips to help you choose the best Shopify themes.

  • Consult with examples for your thoughts and ingenuity
  • Choose your most important three features.
  • Set your budget
  • Visualize your ideal cover page for the buyer
  • Consult with your clients about their needs

Top 5 Shopify Themes

Shopify has some free and marvelous themes worthy for the new seller and the seller who has a small budget. Here are the top five themes that you can choose.


Brooklyn is the topmost and well-known theme, has a contemporary design and a glossy attachment. Thus, this theme represents two types of design options- 'Classic,' which is for the modern brand, and the other is 'Playful'; this is for the fun brand. Here are some features

  • A title demonstration for flaunting various products at the top of your homepage
  • A website video for describing your brand story
  • A relay cart that decreases cart desertion
  • An energetic framework that automatically sets your product numbers


The narrative is the theme that attracts buyers through the brand and product explanation. Therefore, this theme flaunts their different style- warm, light, and cold. Here are some of the significant features of the Narrative theme.

  • A protagonist video to tell your narrative at the top of your home page
  • Firm map-reading for a decent browsing experience
  • Customer-tailored picture grid and quotes to increases the customer's journey


If you seek a supreme theme for your e-commerce set out, this theme is appropriate. The theme comes along with three different sports-themed designs. So, with this theme, you can create your e-business site to make the customers familiar with your product. Hence, the theme helps explain your company and gives you a heads up about how to promote your company. Usually, this theme is made for large product categories. It comes with some features such as.

  • Multi-column menus that associate all the details about your product
  • A slideshow that comes at the top of your homepage. It displays all your promotions regarding your product
  • A promotional banner that includes some specific styles to promote your product and explains discounts


This theme is designed amazingly to exhibit your product; thus, it's as similar as the basic eCommerce website. Therefore, it shows your best product to the buyer and reveals the superiority of the product. Here are some of the crucial features of the theme.

  • Single featured cover page that promotes your brand and gives brief information about your product
  • It gives you the customizable benefits
  • It fosters customer references that boost social proof


Optical is the essential aspect thing in this theme. It is very relevant to the power of narration. Few striking features of the theme include.

  • A vertical presentation to flaunt the product through an image
  • Communal feed blocks to add more content and details to your home page

Thus, choosing a Shopify theme is a worthy thing to explore yourself and build your self-confidence in e-commerce. So, it brings you some exciting ideas and concepts about the market, products, and so on.

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