Square Vs Shopify: Find Out Which Ecommerce Platform You Should Use!

Square Vs Shopify: Find Out Which Ecommerce Platform You Should Use!

Do you want to start an online store but don't know which ecommerce platform to use? Then you're in luck! In this blog post, we'll compare Square and Shopify – two of the most popular eCommerce platforms around. By the end, you'll know which one is right for you. So let's get started!


What Is Square, And What Are Its Features? 

Square Online At A Glance

Due to its simplicity of usage and no initial setup fees, Square Internet is a preferred option for many online merchants. In addition, it's an adaptable platform that benefits mobility vendors like food trucks and fair exhibitors, internet merchants, restaurant owners, and brick-and-mortar stores. These are just a few factors that make it one of the top eCommerce platforms.



If you pick Square Online to sell online, you won't need to pay for a hosting web service, but if you'd rather, you may use your domain and choose a cheap web hosting provider as long as you're subscribed to one of the paying plans. Additionally, you have the choice to design a website using Square's user-friendly website builder or a different one of your choosing.


You can incorporate more than 200 external applications to increase Square Online's functionality. Therefore, you may link your Square account with marketing, loyalty, accounting, and scheduling apps.


Is Square Online Safe?

Square Online uses several security measures to protect transactions and user data on its platform. For example, secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are used on websites, and credit card payments are encrypted before being sent. Additionally, Square keeps all of its products in compliance with PCI.


Is Square Online Completely Free?

A POS, inventory management, and the ability to accept payments online are all included in Square Online's free plan. Whether you make a sale offline or online, transaction fees cost 2.9 percent plus $0.30 for each transaction. However, you might be able to obtain a better rate through alternative credit card processing firms.


How Square Online Stacks Up?

None of Squarespace or Shopify's free plans offer such a full-featured offering, making Square Online one of the few eCommerce platforms to do so. In addition, if paid annually, the entry-level paid plans from Square Online and Squarespace cost just $12 each month, while Shopify costs a little more at $29 each month.


All three platforms offer the abandoned cart recovery feature; however, only the free Shopify plan offers it. To access the abandoned cart feature on Square Online, you must choose the $26/month subscription. Users cannot access this functionality on Squarespace unless they have the


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What Is Shopify, And What Are Its Features? 


Shopify At A Glance

Businesses who want to launch online eCommerce storefronts use Shopify, a Software as a Service platform. Unlike WordPress and Blogger, Shopify focuses on developing, hosting, operating, and managing websites for the eCommerce sector. Because of this, it is the most widely used multi-channel Content Management System worldwide, used mainly by small and medium-sized organizations.



More than 175 nations are home to Shopify's one million plus customers. Fitbit, Penguin Books, Hyatt Hotel Corporation, and RedBull are just a few examples of market leaders who use Shopify to handle their eCommerce requirements. Because Shopify is a cloud-based service, there is no need to install any website servers. Users may quickly profit from Shopify as the program automatically updates and new features are added.


It provides a vast range of solutions for marketing, sales, customer engagement, shipping, payments, and many other needs of online stores. Users can also take advantage of Shopify's 15-day free trial to learn more about the software. In addition, users can access tens of thousands of pre-built templates that may be utilized to create unique websites based on their target market.


Shopify claims that users who used this subscription-based platform to manage their businesses saw an average yearly growth rate of almost 30%. In addition, Shopify enables marketing across numerous sales channels, which allows companies to reach a bigger audience and boost exposure and sales.


Is Shopify Safe?

We often converse with our merchants and customers from different eCommerce platforms' online shops. And a frequent query concerning shopping is, "is shopify safe?" We'll see.


Shopify is an online storefront created for small and medium business owners. However, not all users have the option of allocating the majority of their cash to website support. Therefore, the platform developers have developed automated processes that monitor data security and payment transfers to provide effective and stable Shopify secure payments.

Shopify free trial


How Secure Is Shopify Payment?

Two stakeholder groups are affected by the Shopify Security issue: online store owners and customers. Protecting both categories is crucial rather than merely providing solutions for one of them. According to one theory, the tariff plan affects your internet store's security. That is untrue; you receive a similar level of protection regardless of your tariff.


The same security standards apply to all plans, ranging in price from $29 per month to the most expensive ones. To help you safeguard your store, you don't need to install sophisticated apps, configure server settings over an extended period, manually set SSL certificates, or contact the FBI division. Regarding the Plus plan, there is only one minor point.


This tariff plan's processing of critical information allows for substantially better security. The server must be able to handle as many simultaneous visits from users as possible.


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Pros Of Using Square Online Store Vs. Shopify

Many individuals are driven to Square's hardware and software because of its cost, dependability, and easy integrations that support every area of your business compared to Shopify.



You can manage everything follows with Square. With Square APIs, you can connect your online store, make email campaigns, set up delivery partners, and add card readers, locations, team members, and third-party programs (like QuickBooks).


Square Pricing Plan And Its Affordability

Software for Square POS is free. You have to pay transaction fees only when you accept card payments. In addition, no sign-up, monthly, or PCI compliance fees are charged.


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Peace Of Mind

Since Square is the merchant of record, we handle PCI compliance and payment processing for you. We also provide an offline mode, allowing you to continue accepting payments even if your internet connection is temporarily down.


Cons Of Using Square Vs. Shopify


Limited Customization

Square online provides easy customization options, but those options are limited, and there is not much room for a person who enjoys customization.


Square Payment Gateway

You must use the Square payment gateway to avoid more considerable transaction fees.


Getting Started With The Platform

The a slight learning curve when you first get started with the platform

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Which Platform Is Better For Your Business - Square Or Shopify?


Is Square Online Right For Your Business?

Square Online is an excellent option for an e-commerce platform regardless of how or where you sell. Even the smallest retailer can begin selling online for a minimal fee for payment processing. However, remaining with Square rather than selecting a more cost-effective merchant services provider could result in you spending significantly more in payment processing fees if you're an experienced seller who anticipates processing thousands of transactions each month.


Is Shopify Right For Your Business?

Shopify is fantastic for businesses selling tangible products and digital services that need little to no configuration. Although the Shopify platform currently offers built-in solid support for variants, including the capability to link product alternatives, there is a 100 variation limit per product. In conclusion, Shopify can be a terrific option if you offer goods that, for instance, come in many colors, sizes, and materials.


Shopify is also fantastic if you sell a few items or even just one. You can sell things directly from the homepage by using a theme with sophisticated Shopify homepage sections, which makes closing sales simple.


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So, which ecommerce platform should you choose for your business? Square or Shopify? The answer really depends on your needs and what type of business you have. If you need help deciding, our team at Simpl fulfillment can assist you in making the right decision. We offer fulfillment services that will take care of everything for you- from picking and packing orders to shipping them out to your customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline your ecommerce operations!

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