How To Integrate Amazon FBA With Shopify

How To Integrate Amazon FBA With Shopify

If you're running an online store, there's a good chance you're using Shopify. It's a great platform with tons of features, and it's well-supported by the Shopify community. But what if you want to use Amazon FBA? That's where things can get tricky. In this post, we'll show you how to integrate Amazon FBA with Shopify so that you can take advantage of both platforms' features. Stay tuned!

Why Amazon FBA And Shopify Integration Is Essential?

When you opt for fulfillment by Amazon, you can store your products in Amazon‘s warehouse. They will take care to pack and deliver the orders when an order is passed on from your handle. 

This will be helpful because:

- The Shopify FBA integration will grow its business using Amazon’s proven technology.

- The Shopify amazon FBA customers will have access to the world-class customer services that amazon is noted for.

- You can scale operations without investment in warehouse space or increasing the number of employees to deal with the increasing range of products and the large volumes.

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How To Integrate Amazon FBA With Shopify

 Let us consider how to link Shopify to amazon. The step by step process involves

Creating A Seller Account On Amazon

The first step is to create a seller account in Amazon. The registration process is quite simple. You need to fill in the name and other details, including the Taxpayer Identification number applicable in a country. Also, check if the product you wish to sell has to be approved by Amazon.

For example, items like media players, blue ray, DVDs, etc., have to be approved by Amazon. You should also enter a comprehensive list of specifications about the product in the Shopify store. Moreover, in the case of Amazon-Shopify integration, you should have ASIN, EAN, or UPCs for the products. However, you can take the help of a Shopify migration company to ease the Shopify FBA process.

Adding Amazon As A Sales Channel

You will add Amazon as a sales channel from Shopify admin. The steps are as follows:

1. Log in to the Shopify account you have

2. Click + icon . it will be next to the “sales channel heading.”

3. Click on Amazon. That is if you want more information

4. Click on” Add channel.”

5. On the next page, connect to Amazon

The Amazon sales channel will be added to your Shopify store. You will also receive information required to share data and information between the platforms.

Listing the UPC’s

You can list your product on the product listing page. Resellers can use the UPCs for this purpose. However, ensure that you buy only recycled UPCs from valid resellers.

Listing /Linking The Amazon Listings

You should create amazon listings with the Shopify account. You can do it using the Shopify Admin page. If the products are correctly listed, you may link Shopify to Amazon. However, if you have to create a list, you can do it using the options in the menu.

You can connect Amazon to Shopify to help your business grow without investing heavily. You can be assured that the customers have a great shopping experience, too. However, the integration has to be handled with care.


If you’ve been looking for a way to make your business more efficient without spending too many hours on logistics, Amazon FBA might be the answer. It allows you to ship products straight from your own warehouse and store all of them in one place-Amazon! The process is seamless with Shopify integration; we can show you how it works. Give us a call, we would love to help grow your ecommerce empire!

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