Different Ways to Fulfill Shopify Orders

Different Ways to Fulfill Shopify Orders

Order fulfillment is one of the hectic parts of the e-commerce business for popular retail giants. On top of that, services that offer free two-day or three-day delivery have to go through quick processes. However, it is necessary to understand that order fulfilling is quite a convoluted process. It involves uncountable complex processes. Listed below are a few ways of fulfilling Shopify orders.

3 Ways to Fulfill Shopify Orders

1. Automatic Fulfilling Orders

The automatic order fulfillment process for received orders is undoubtedly one of the most streamlined and automated processes. However, it is necessary to understand that no one solution fits all. Therefore, based on the products you mainly sell and your shipping frequency, the automatic process can be inappropriate.

Hence, you can ultimately make the process automatic if you do not have any pre-order of any product, sell digital downloads, and use fulfillment service. You can follow a few steps for the automated fulfillment of orders. First, you have to visit the admin section of the Shopify store.

Then, you have to select settings, checkout, and under checkout, you have to look for order processing. Search for the 'after an order has been paid' option, then 'automatically fulfill all of the order's line items.'

You can also choose 'notify customers of their shipment via email.' This option is only recommended if you want to send an email to the customers once their order fulfills. Finally, select 'save' to save the necessary changes on the website.

2. Manually Fulfilling Orders

Most stores opt for the manual order fulfillment option. The reason behind this is it provides them both control and the ability to monitor the inventory levels. If you opt for the manual order fulfillment feature, make sure not to choose 'automatic fulfillment in order procession section.'

It is essential to understand that a manual order fulfillment feature lets the seller stay involved in both orders and the shipping process. Opt for the manual method if you occasionally run out of stock, have frequent products for pre-order, etc. 

Besides, you can send email notifications to the customers to alert them that their order has been shipped. When it comes to completing an order manually, you have to go to orders to check the status of the orders.

The fulfillment section will show 'Unfulfilled' for the unfulfilled orders. Shopify must identify tracking details and choose a fulfillment provider. If Shopify fails to find out your carrier, then you can select anyone from the menu.

3. Partially Fulfilling Orders

Suppose, few customers placed an order for multiple products. Among them, few products are either available for pre-order or are out of stock. In this case, you have to fulfill only some parts of the order; this will ensure that the available items are shipped separately.

If you want to fulfill a significant part of the customer order, you have to follow some steps. First, you have to visit the order section of the Shopify admin. Click on the order numbers having 'Fulfillment status' as 'unfulfilled' or 'partial' for at least two items.

Then, you have to click on 'start fulfilling' to mark the order as fulfilled. Inside the dialog box, make sure to change the product numbers you want to fulfill for each item.

Therefore, if you want to fulfill any Shopify orders, you have to follow any of these ways depending on your company's needs.

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