3 Critical Steps to Successful Amazon FBA Product Research

3 Critical Steps to Successful Amazon FBA Product Research

Product research is something that buyers do to find the best product among the different ranges on offer. Since many products are in the market today, the entire process of product research is critical. While you know that product research is fundamental for the buyer's journey to purchase, did you know that even Amazon FBA sellers also need good product research for the best profits?

 When you start as an Amazon FBA seller, you have to decide which products to sell. What products you sell, please choose how much profit you make and how well you do it. Therefore, product research is like the foundation stone of sales and revenue for every Amazon FBA seller.


Product research is not just important for new sellers of Amazon FBA service. The study also helps established sellers in finding new opportunities to sell more products. Since every seller expands their product inventory from time to time, product research is only done once. Besides, there are always new products to explore as a seller in a consumer majority world. It is, therefore, necessary to update your inventory with good product research. Your product research should align with consumer demand. You get better profits and a sustainable business when you sell products in need and have a good profit margin. 

Amazon FBA research sounds very easy. However, the product research takes time and needs effort. While it is simple, you need to follow some rules to ensure fruitful product research. Always go for substantial research so that your product sales remain consistent and do not frustrate you any further. Before you go into product research, make it a point to study the different categories of the Amazon store homepage. Find the top most categories and invest in them. Since there are thousands of products on Amazon, you need the help of a good product finder to navigate. A good product finder helps you sift through the many categories and listings of Amazon to find the right product niche. Whether you are a new seller or an established one, the product finder is a good investment tool. 

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3 Steps to Successful Amazon FBA Product Research

Here are a few pointers for consideration when searching for the best products to sell on Amazon. 

The best selling products rank lies between 300 and 5000 

The easiest way to increase your product opportunity is to invest in a bestselling product on Amazon. Always remember that the bestselling products in any category range in the rank of 300 to 5000. Outside of this specific bracket, the competition fluctuates. Often, you get more competition beyond this particular bracket of selling products. It would help if you found the top-level category to sell. 

When you go to a listing page, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the bottom of the page, the words, see top 100, will be there. These words will indicate the top category and also the BSR rank. Just note the BSR rank and use this to filter the products that fall under this BSR. You can do this either by the manual way or use a product finder. 

Look for Products with No more than 1000 product reviews 

The aim of doing product research for Amazon FBA's is to choose a product that is in the less competitive category. Since thousands of sellers on the platform are selling too many products in the same category, the competition is high. As a seller, you need to avoid competition as much as possible. On the other hand, it is also essential to invest in a medium-range or less expensive product to be more interested in buying it. Moreover, a less expensive product is easier to keep in stock too. When you choose a product that has less than 1000 reviews, you filter out highly competitive products so that you can invest in a low competition category. This further helps you in creating your niche on Amazon. 

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Choose a lightweight, quickly shipped product 

The question here is not just to sell a product that the customer will be interested in. The need is to choose an in-demand product with less competition and is easy to buy and sell. If you choose a bulky, large-scale product that has too many shipping restrictions and charges, you will bear extra costs and extra burdens. Instead, choose a physical product that is easy to ship and assemble; even customers like compact but valuable products. For example, skincare and beauty products are deficient in weight, easy to send, and are in demand. However, certain kinds of furniture are not easy to ship or sell. Choose wisely.


These are just a few of the many things you need to take into consideration when selecting new products for sale. With so much to do, it’s important that you research properly and make sure your time is spent wisely. One way we can help is by automating Amazon FBA with SImpl. That way, all your orders will be fulfilled automatically while still giving you access to track everything from inventory levels down to customer feedback on every product in real-time! This solution has been proven effective for organizations who want more time back in their day without sacrificing sales or profits. Want us to walk through this process together? Contact one of our specialists today!

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