How to Find a Niche Product: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to Find a Niche Product: A Comprehensive Guide

The key to success in the eCommerce industry is selling something different from everyone else! To make money in the short term, you should know the rules for ranking in the Niche products competition. The first step to ranking in the eCommerce business is narrowing the targeted market and offering unique niche products. Following this rule, you can build a loyal customer base and successful long-term business. The key to success in the eCommerce business is thinking outside the box and utilizing them. 

As an entrepreneur, you can serve the mass or niche markets. Entrepreneurs who serve the mass market create multiple products. However, this is different for the entrepreneurs offering to the niche market. Entrepreneurs build specific products for a particular audience. Serving the niche market brings more credibility to your business. This post will discuss how to find a niche product and how to sell the niche product quickly without any hassle!

What Are Niche Products?

Niche products are the items that fall under the category of defined products that appeal to and target smaller & more specific groups of customers with particular products. You can select the niche products by narrowing down the broad product categories and looking into the unique sub-categories. By serving the products in the small niche market, you would get success in targeting the specific audience by doing them the specialized product rather than a general one.

The ideas of generating a niche market are to present the products in high demand in lower competition. To understand this in brief, we can take the example of shampoo. So, shampoo comes in the general product category because everyone purchases it. These are the available niche items, so you can’t compete because of the vast market competitors. 

But when you talk about the “Cruelty-free vegan shampoo,” this comes under the niched-down category. This category targets a specific group of audiences who are concerned about plant-based ingredients and value animal rights. In this category, you have a better chance of success because you only focus on the smaller audience group rather than trying to appeal to the whole public.

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Check Out A Few Examples Of Niche Products

Now that you understand niche products, let’s check some real-life examples or niche product ideas.

Kitchen Niche Products

Ice cream cones stand for parties 

Regarding the kitchen category, the Ice cream cone stands for the parties as the best example. This product satisfies different customer types but is still not considered a niche product. This is not an everyday kitchen accessory, so it doesn’t appeal to general customers. However, it only allows niche products.

Beauty Niche Products

Cruelty-free vegan women’s shampoo 

This product niche targets the specific customer group searching for shampoo made from natural ingredients. Some women love to use beauty products made with cruelty-free and vegan ingredients. Customers who target particular types of products can pay more for the consequences if it meets the standards.

Natural nail polish with Nail strengthener

This is not a clear base coat for nails but is also used as a nail strengthener. So, this niche item targets a specific group of women who may have brittle and weak nails. It has an additional protective feature allows it to stand out amongst the hundreds of other related products. This lifestyle niche product costs more than natural nail polish, and the customers are willing to pay more because it satisfies their specific requirements.

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Pet Niche Products

Healthy Treats for Pet

The brand not only sells treats for dogs, but these are healthy and low calories also. This type of product aims at the specific kind of dog owners who want to give their dogs a healthy treat. These products cost more than usual, and customers are happy to pay because it meets their needs.

Collars for cat Airtag

If you are a cat owner, you know they are adventurous and love to explore. So, this airbag collar for cats is the perfect choice for outdoor cats. It helps the owners to keep track of where their cat is going. This cat collar holds the Airtag Apple GPS tracker that targets car owners who have outdoor cats. By selling this niche product, a seller can satisfy the cat owners.

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How To Select The Niche Product

This is a general question asked mainly by entrepreneurs. How to search for niche products for sale? There are specific ways you should follow when researching the high demand but low-competition products. Let’s find out those ways!

Choose Through Sub-Categories

It would be interesting if you search about the products from the broad category and dive deeper into the sub-categories. The more deep sub-categories you look for, the better-specialized niche you will get. For this, visit an online retailer shop like Amazon and choose a category. For example, we are taking the kitchen category!

So, the whole category is competitive and popular, but when you niche down or look for its sub-categories product, you will receive better options of products in less competition. Once you find the niche products to sell, understand the targeted customers. You can also launch any new product still unavailable in the market.

With The Help Of Keyword Research

You can also find niche products with the help of keyword research. Find out the products which customers are looking for continuously. Check what they are actively searching for by conducting research into specific niches. You can use a free Google keyword planner for this. Start from the broad keyword, and the tool will give you hundreds of suggestions with the related keywords. Performing this is a decisive step to discovering the unique keywords you may have never considered. 

Search In The Online Communities

Another process to discover a unique niche market is searching online communities. Online communities, for example, Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook groups, also help you in this procedure. Find out the communities you are interested in and check out their posts and comments. Being active in communities like this enables you to get some idea about niche products.

Here you can meet with the audience to discuss the products they expect from the market. Reddit is the best place because there are subreddits where you can find niche products. Type the topic you want to search about in the search bar, and you will get lots of products like this in the options. So, start searching about these products by simply typing something randomly.

Determine The Product Ideas

It would help to determine the market demand once you discover the niche product ideas. Consider certain vital factors before choosing the product for sale.

Product demand

Check if the customers are actively looking for the products you want to sell. Is the demand high enough that customers are actively purchasing daily?


After you determine the demand, check out the competition! There is no room for profit and sales if the market is saturated.


Check if the product you want to sell is seasonal or not. How long does the season last? Can this product be purchased all year round? Ask these questions yourself before you invest in any niche product.


Can you sell this product for profit? You need to be sure that you can source the product for a low enough cost to turn a profit on whichever commerce platform you sell on!


Before you decide on a niche product, choose how to market these products. Marketing can make or break your brand. So, you should know the market competition and check how they sell their products. Learn how to improve the marketing to make the brand stand out!

Where Can You Sell Niche Products

After you are done with all your research and discover the excellent niche product to sell online, determine where to sell these. Thanks to the internet, you can find multiple marketplaces to start selling your products at a mass level. Here we will share specific online platforms through the omnichannel approach where you can sell your niche products.


Amazon is the biggest online marketplace where millions of customers reach to find their desired products. Selling your product on Amazon is the best way to improve your sales rate. If you are not an active seller, the first step is to create an account. Build an Amazon seller account and understand the Amazon selling policies with fee structure. If you want to be the most significant entrepreneur, this is the right platform where you can start with.


Walmart also offers multiple opportunities for eCommerce sellers to succeed in the Walmart marketplace. This is the new marketplace where the competition is as low as on Amazon. If you want to start your career in these industries, this is an excellent time! Based on the new Walmart seller report, almost 95% of Walmarts eCommerce sellers are in profit. This platform offers a similar fulfillment service, Walmart fulfillment services. Walmart offers free 3-month storage and discounts on the commission rate with fulfillment fees when you sign up as a new seller.


Shopify also allows eCommerce brands to build their customized online storefront. Being the Shopify store owner, you have complete control over the site branding and operation. You have the power to market and advertise your products also. Building a store is simple, with hundreds of templates to select for making the story fully functional & customizable. This is the biggest platform where you can sell your niche products and earn instant income from your business. The platform is similar to Amazon and has millions of active users.


eBay has also been listed as long as Amazon has. However, many customers have associated eBay with the old and unwanted items people no longer wait for. This is an excellent place to find multiple unique products and used items. This is the most fantastic place where you can sell your niche products. Like Amazon, eBay is another platform with millions of genuine customers who love to buy this and continue using it to purchase goods online. So, if you are marketing niche products online, choose this platform.

Facebook Marketplace

Selling your niche product on the Facebook marketplace is the right place! It may sound like a great way to sell niche products, but it is! This differs from the local market, where you can select a shipping method to reach customers nationwide. Now the question is, do people shop on Facebook? Yes! You can. 26% of customers start their product search on Facebook. More than 700 million users use this platform to purchase products every month. You only need a free Facebook account to sell your item in this place.

Instagram shopping & Facebook shops

Unlike the Facebook marketplace, Facebook shops and Instagram shopping allow you to add a shop to the accounts so followers can purchase products directly from Facebook and Instagram. Both are different shopping platforms, so you need a Facebook account to set up a shop on Instagram and Facebook. This is the most terrific option if you already have a decent social media following with a professional creator account. Building loyal social media followers makes it easier to sell products online. These platforms support your business like no others! When you post images and videos on Instagram, you can tag the products so people can tap on them to learn a brief about them. You can also add the account of your shop in your bio.

Following these minor points helps you to improve the sales rate and strengthen your business. In this article, we have helped you to understand what niche products are and how to find the specific niche product to sell them. We have also discussed how to figure out the platforms where you can sell them. Do you have any more questions about niche products or how to find a niche product? If yes, share those in the comment sections, and we’ll help you.


It’s fascinating to have a unique product that nobody else is selling! With the tips and strategies this guide outlines, you can find or create a niche product that stands out. You can research markets, keep up with trends, collaborate with partners, and make thoughtful decisions that help pave the way for success. Once you launch your product, don’t forget to monitor the marketplace closely so you can quickly react when necessary. Doing so will give you a better chance of success with your unique niche product. Now is the perfect time to start setting yourself up for success by creating or finding amazing products to sell online – and don’t forget, if you need help fulfilling orders, contact Simpl today.

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