What Is Ground Shipping? How to Make the Most of It

Have you ever wondered what Ground Shipping is and how it can benefit you? Stop speculating and start capitalizing! With the right strategy, Ground Shipping can be a handy tool to help you save time and money while still delivering your goods promptly. In this blog post, we'll uncover the ins and outs of Ground Shipping — from basic terminology to helpful tips for when to use it. Let's get started!

Ground shipping is a type of shipping that involves sending a package from one location to another by way of ground transportation. This can include transportation by truck, train, or boat. Ground shipping is often seen as the most economical option for shipping items, as it is generally less expensive than air freight or other types of transportation.

This way of shipping is not necessarily the fastest, but affordable. Moreover, it reaches the people at the ground level. Moreover, ground shipping is improving with the improvement of road and rail conditions. The ground shipping time today fits the 2-day delivery deadline for eCommerce giants. This requires planning and distribution of delivery checkpoints. 

Pros and Cons of Ground Shipping

There are many pros and cons of ground shipping for businesses. Businesses that rely on customer service and feedback need fast ground shipping to meet delivery deadlines. The benefits of ground shipping include no size limitations. You can ship anything on the ground as long as it falls under the legal category. However, how long ground shipping takes depends on the parcel size. Ground shipping methods are easier to track in real time. Moreover, ground shipping options only face a few delays if there is proper planning and execution. 

On the other hand, there are cons of ground shipping too. For example, ground shipping is sometimes less secure than air shipping. Moreover, if there are no decent delivery points and tracking, there can be delays in transit and delivery. The best way to do high-value order fulfillment is still ground shipping. The e-retail company has to choose which shipping method works best for what items and locations. 


Ground Shipping Is Typically Faster Than Air Shipping

In general, ground shipping is the fastest option when it comes to transporting goods. Ground shipping often takes less time than air shipping due to its shorter distances and more direct routes. 

Ground Shipping Is Usually Cheaper Than Air Shipping

Generally speaking, ground transportation costs a fraction of what air freight does. While some items may require special services or packaging that increase costs, these expenses are typically unnecessary for most regular shipments. 

Ground Shipping Offers More Flexibility

Since ground transportation follows shorter routes, it can be adjusted or rerouted easily. This flexibility allows businesses to quickly adapt their supply chain processes based on changing needs and conditions. 

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Ground Shipping May Take Longer In Certain Regions

While ground shipping is typically faster than air shipping, the time it takes to reach its destination may vary depending on the region. Ground transportation might take longer in areas with less developed infrastructure and greater distances. 

Ground Shipping Can Be Affected By Weather Conditions

Rain, snow, or icy roads can cause delays in ground shipments due to poor driving conditions. This can lead to prolonged transit times and additional costs for businesses that depend on timely deliveries. 

Ground Shipping Is Not Suitable For Certain Goods

Because of their size, weight, or sensitivity, certain items may require special handling or packaging, making them unsuitable for ground transport. Items like fragile goods or perishable food items are best suited for air freight instead.

Ground Shipping: UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL Compared

Multiple shipping carriers also offer air, ground, and premium ground shipping. There are different costs of ground shipping for various carrier services. 

UPS Ground Shipping

UPS has a good ground shipping network in the USA and offers cost-effective ground shipping services. The minimum package rate for the UPS ground shipping service is US$7.57/1lb. The total minimum rate is US$11.84. However, other commercial carriers are better if you are looking for faster service. The delivery time for UPS ground parcels is 1-5 days. 

USPS Ground Shipping

USPS retail ground service is the road shipping service for the carrier. The rate of ground shipping is very affordable as it starts from US$7.35. While USPS ground shipping is reliable, it can take more than a week to deliver the parcels. Faster deliveries need air shipping services. 

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FedEx Ground Shipping

The FedEx Ground shipping service is affordable and fast. It is one of the best ground shipping services in the USA. FedEx has a ground shipping service rate of US$36. However, you can calculate the total cost depending on the package size and bulk. How many days is ground shipping from FedEx? Is the answer 1-5 days? However, FedEx is fast, and the time might be lesser than 5 business days. 

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DHL Ground Shipping

DHL has 22 ground shipping distribution centers all over the USA, and its network is vital. The ground shipping service for domestic parcels takes 3-8 postal days to reach the destination. However, you can expedite the delivery time or choose the Expedited Max mode. This reduces the delivery time, and your parcel reaches you within 2-3 postal days. 

Ground Shipping FAQs

How long will it take for my ground shipment to arrive?

Depending on the carrier service that your eCommerce store chooses, the shipment might arrive in 2-5 business days. The time of arrival and delivery depends on the distance the parcel travels and the shipping carrier service. You will get your ground shipment before the expected timeline if the carrier service is reputed and accurate. 

What is the cost of shipping my package via ground?

The package shipping on the ground is significantly less than air shipping. Different carrier services have different shipping rates for their packages. However, ground shipping is affordable and costs little for businesses. The return on investment with a fast carrier service is higher. 

How do I track my ground shipment?

You can track the ground shipment with the help of the ground tracking service that the shipping service provides. USPS and FedEx both offer to track services with their ground shipment receipts. You can track your shipment through online portals and SMS services. 

What are the shipping restrictions for ground shipments?

There are not many shipping restrictions for ground shipments. However, the shipment should not contain any illegal or harmful products. If the shipment does not have anything illegal, there will be hardly any problems during the shipping process. 

Can I ship hazardous materials via ground?

You can ship hazardous materials through a ground shipping service. However, you have to package the materials properly, so they are secure. You have to check that the materials are not illegal and restricted. If the material needs a special permit, the permit should be deposited with the carrier service. The packaged weight should be at most 70 lbs. 

How do I insure my ground shipment?

The shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS offer shipping insurance for ground shipping parcels. 

What is the weight limit for ground shipments?

The weight limit on ground shipments from shipping carriers is usually 150 lbs. 

What is the size limit for ground shipments?

Usually, the size limit for ground shipping packages is 274 cm long. Anything above this length is not shipped on the ground. 


Ground shipping is a great way to save money and time on shipments - as long as you know when to use it! By following the tips in this blog post, you can ensure that your ground shipping strategy is efficient and cost-effective. And if you ever need help finding affordable shipping options for your eCommerce business, Simpl is here to help! Get in touch with us today to see how we can streamline your shipping process and help you save money.

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