UPS Ground Vs. USPS Ground: Shipping Speeds, Prices & More

Shipping can be a major pain when it comes to running a business. You need to make sure you're shipping your products as quickly as possible, while also keeping your costs as low as possible. In this blog post, we're going to compare UPS Ground vs USPS Ground shipping speeds, prices and more. Spoiler alert: USPS is the clear winner! Read on to find out why.

UPS and USPS are among the various players in this trade. Both are equally efficient and are internationally famous for their best and most affordable services. Both offer domestic as well as global shipping facilities. These service providers have their own merits and demerits that affect the eCommerce businesses. In this post, a description of their shipping speeds, prices, estimated time, etc., is done.

In the eCommerce business circle, there are many debates about the best shipping service provider in the present day. The people are often divided into teams to differentiate UPS ground vs. USPS priority. A quick explanation about what UPS is ground will be helpful. UPS refers to United Parcel Service and is a package delivery company that deals with logistics and forwarding services. On the other hand, USPS refers to the United States Postal Service, a U.S. Federal Government agency.

We can make a comparison between priority mail vs. ups ground based on the following points:

Secured tracking

UPS ground is famous for its tracking system. Whenever a parcel is shipped, the person sending it will be curious about its safety and secure dispatch. You can track a package sent through UPS ground efficiently compared to USPS priority mail.

Though USPS is a government agency and good at its job, it has not reached the reliability status of UPS ground.

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When this factor is analyzed, many have realized that the USPS priority mail rate is reasonable compared to UPS ground.

 USPS priority mail is delivered within 2-3 business days, while a parcel requires more than five business days to be delivered through UPS ground.

Is UPS Ground Faster Than Standard Shipping?

 Understanding words ground shipping and standard shipping is paramount to identifying and analyzing the difference between ground shipping and standard shipping.  

Standard shipping refers to the regular shipping of goods at average speed and mode. It does not include any special status like fast, urgent, immediate delivery, etc. The consignment will be moved along with other goods in a standard van at an average speed with standard halts. Accordingly, the time is calculated from the shipping to the delivery point. The consignment will not be moved with any special vehicles or modes in this type of shipping. There will not be any special priority for the delivery of any shipment.

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The average time estimated for standard delivery is from 2 to 7 days.

In any festive season, the delivery time may be extended to 10 days. In the case of standard delivery, normal safety precautions will be taken. Generally, You will transport no sensitive substance under standard delivery norms. Under the standard delivery system, the order is tracked from the invoice stage to the delivered stage. The cost under normal shipping mode will be lesser than any other mode of delivery. 

Ground shipping is the shipping of material by ground, i.e., cargo delivered through trucks by road or rail, which can be termed ground shipping. Here shipping through air or sea is not possible. When a parcel has to be delivered domestically, ground shipping proves cost-effective as it is a flexible method of producing the parcels door to door.

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 The working pattern of ground shipping is straightforward.

1. Parcels are collected by the truck and returned to a local UPS center.

2. All the packages are sorted according to the service options, i.e., by road, air, and sea. The boxes meant to be delivered by road are accumulated and sent to the nearest hub to be shipped. 

3. The parcel is collected by the local center at the destination point and distributed locally. 

The time taken by ground shipping is more when compared to shipping through air or sea, and the cost incurred on ground shipping is meager. Even though international shipping is done by air or sea, the cargo has to be delivered from port to the destination's hubs and from there to the final destination; it depends on ground shipping.

 The services like free delivery can be exercised by eCommerce vendors only if they prefer ground shipping. Hence, it is clear that the shipping through UPS ground is faster than standard shipping.

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How Long Is UPS Ground Shipping?

The time for ground shipping depends on the distance where the package has to be delivered. It usually takes about 1 to 5 business days. Some service providers collect an extra amount if the parcel must be delivered urgently. 

The service providers give next-day delivery options, 1-2 business days, 3-5 business days, priority mails, etc. Based on the option selected by the customers, the shipping is done. It is a good strategy for attracting customers.

Quantity: The choice of the service provider depends on the amount of material to be dispatched. Typically UPS ground is a good choice when a more significant or heavier quantity has to be shipped. In the case of smaller portions, USPS serves efficiently.

Price: No matter how facilitative the service providers are, their price attracts the customers. 

The most common query asked is “is UPS cheaper than USPS”? The cost of shipping depends on the quantity or type of material. The prices of UPS ground are affordable when large amounts of the heavier fabric have to be shipped. The shipping fees and surcharges charged will burden the shipping cost on a small quantity.

So, it is not an ideal choice in case of sending small amounts. USPS serves the best in shipping small amounts, and the cost is less than UPS ground.

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