How Do You Track A FedEx Package Without A Tracking Number?

FedEx is a popular shipping company in the world. Most people prefer FedEx as their shipping provider due to its competitive offers. However, sometimes, you may lose your FedEx tracking number. If you have this issue, there are many ways to track your package, even without the tracking number.

Package shipping service providers have gained high demand over the years. Also, the quality of shipping packages has increased progressively due to the presence of top-notch shipping service providers like FedEx. People not just use FedEx for shipping gifts to closed ones but also ship packages for selling items online too. It has around 12 million average daily package volumes, which shows the satisfaction of customers over FedEx.

The packages from FedEx are quite easy to track. Whenever you ship any package using FedEx, you get a tracking number that contains all numbers and no letters. This FedEx tracker helps in finding missing or lost packages, and you also get an idea about their arrival time.

FedExtracking number comes in handy during the time when you ship gifts or purchases to online buyers. But even FedEx tracking number not found, you can easily find your package.

How to Find your FedEx Tracking Number

If you are wondering how to find my tracking number, one of the easiest ways to find the package Fed Ex tracking number is to look in your FedEx receipt. If you go to a local store and have the FedEx mail to ship your parcel, you receive a receipt that clearly mentions your packing tracking number below. The worker may circle the number to help you in finding it.

FedEx offers you to purchase online shipping labels and have someone pick up the packages from you. While shipping online, you receive an email of your receipt, which also shows the tracking number. If you have the receipt's copy, then you can find the tracking number easily.

May you wonder if there is any way you can track a package without the Federal Express tracking number. The answer is yes. Some of the simplest ways are mentioned in the following, where you can track the FedEx package without a tracking number.


Step by step on how to track a FedEx package without a tracking number. Four options explained
4 Ways to Track a FedEx Package without a Tracking Number

FedEx Insight

If you ship several packages regularly, then you should sign up for FedEx InSight. It is a program provided by FedEx which makes FedEx tracking number lookup easier. After you sign up and create your account, you get the login details that allow you to keep track of all your packages.

Moreover, FedEx InSight does not even need a Fed Ex tracking number which is why it is a great option. With it, you can enter into your account and check whether all packages are shipped from your address or not. You can look for the recipient's home or business address and view shipments attached to it.

FedEx InSight enables you to see all the incoming shipments if you are waiting for the packages to arrive. It just takes a few minutes to sign up, but it can save a lot of your valuable time later on.


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FedEx Delivery Manager

A great way to track shipment FedEx when you lose the number is through the FedEx delivery Manager. It is quite similar to FedEx InSight. One has to answer a few questions for verifying the identity of the FedEx Delivery Manager. After opening an account, all information about your package will appear in the online portal.

You can log in to your FedEx account and get package information once you click on the package. There you will know where the package is shipped from and where it will reach. You will access information about stops that may have been made along the way and the present location of the package.

It has two major benefits for customers. The first one is that it enables you to see the time when the package will reach. If you require that package to arrive at some other time, then there is an option to change it.

The second one is the choice for delivery notifications. This not just gives you messages and emails about the missing package delivery at the recipient's home but also provides notification when any delivery arrives at your home.


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Contact FedEx

Tracking any package that you have already sent can be tracked through FedEx easily. An option for those who do not have their package Fed x tracking number is to get in touch with the company directly. You can contact the FedEx customer service agent for help.

They will require some basic information like the address and name of the person or other contact information. FedEx will utilize the addresses to track the package without the need for a FedEx. Tracking.

Door Tag ID

When you use FedEx Delivery Manager, you also access the door tag ID. It is similar to the Fed-X tracking number, which is followed by a 12 numbers combination.

You do not need any copy of the original receipt or email to find your number as it is present in the order details in your account. Then, you can enter the number in the tracking shipment area of the FedEx website and trace the location of the specific package along with the time of arrival.


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How Can You Hold FedEx Packages?

One of the major frustrations about FedEx package delivery is the arrival time during working hours when people may not be at home. In such a scenario, you not only track the package that needs a signature but also worry about somebody stealing them.

However, FedEx lets you redirect the packages to another location that also has more flexible hours. For leveraging this service, you can go through the FedEx Delivery Manager and redirect any package to an available location.

If you utilize such a service, then you will not have to worry about missing or losing tracking numbers and can easily log in to see whether the package is reaching the destination or not.


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Final Verdict

FedEx shipping services are great, but sometimes, you may lose your package tracking number. However, there are numerous ways you can track your package without any tracking number, and here you get it all.


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