What is FedEx Ground Economy (FedEx Smartpost) For Businesses?

What is FedEx Ground Economy (FedEx Smartpost) For Businesses?

FedEx Ground Economy (FedEx Smartpost) is an excellent option for businesses that want to save on shipping costs. With this service, your packages will be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, which can help you save on shipping expenses. Here's what you need to know about FedEx Ground Economy (FedEx Smartpost) and how it can benefit your business.

How does FedEx Smartpost work?

The "last mile delivery" is the focus of FedEx's SmartPost, just as it is for UPS's rival SurePost.

According to some estimates, the delivery portion of shipping—handing the box to the customer can cost as much as 28% of the overall shipping cost. Therefore, you can significantly minimize shipping costs because of reduced FedEx SmartPost rates by managing the entire box up to that final leg and then handing that portion off to the USPS. The savings can then possibly be passed along to customers.

FedEx SmartPost provides residential shipping for reasonably light packages on deliveries made Monday through Saturday. Shipments must weigh less than 70 pounds and have a maximum length of 130 inches. Statistics show that the majority of SmartPost packages weigh under 10 pounds. Typically, delivery takes between two and seven business days.

FedEx's SmartPost shipping option is popular with business owners since it is quick and reasonably priced, with a potential 20 percent savings compared to the standard Home Delivery service. Removing the delivery's pricey "last mile" phase results in savings, notably the removal of the home surcharge that shipping firms frequently levy to cover last mile costs.

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FedEx Smartpost Pros

Any brand that incurs delivery expenditures can significantly benefit from FedEx Smart Post rates. This delivery method has advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages often outweigh the disadvantages. To be sure you're saving money if you choose to use SmartPost, it's crucial to comprehend both perspectives.

Lower Shipping Prices

FedEx SmartPost shipping prices are lower than those of other ground services, which results in reduced shipping expenses. Delivering to USPS and enabling them to complete the delivery to the customer's door allows this. This drastically lowers the cost of fed Ex shipping quote.

No Residential Surcharge 

In other modes of shipping, FedEx levies a residential surcharge to offset the most expensive leg of shipping (the delivery to the door). By removing that price from SmartPost shipments, customers will save even more money.

Regular FedEx Pickup

Enjoy shipping in the same easy-to-use manner that you have always used. The process starts the same as it always has. No extra trip to the post office is necessary for these mailings.

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Delivery to All Addresses 

FedEx Smartpost can deliver all USPS addresses, but delivery to post office boxes is not supported by regular FedEx mailings. However, SmartPost deliveries can go anyplace the USPS delivers, even P.O. boxes because the items wind up in the hands of the post office. So if you're wondering, "does FedEx deliver to PO boxes" the answer is yes!

Delivery on a Saturday is available through SmartPost at no extra cost.

Convenient software integration 

 Many shipping software has SmartPost services incorporated. Despite having two shipping ways, tracking shipments with just one FedEx smart post tracking number for each end of the transaction is convenient.

Smartpost Cons

SmartPost has some shortcomings, like with most things. However, when selecting the shipping method that best suits your needs, being aware of the drawbacks in advance will help you avoid wasting time, money, and aggravation.

Slower Compared to Standard Ground Delivery: Delivery times can be a little slower when using SmartPost than standard Fed Ex ground economy  delivery.

No Free Boxes: It would help if you use your boxes; USPS won't let you use their free ones.

Higher delivery costs outside of the lower 48 states: Using SmartPost may become less cost-effective due to higher shipping costs to Hawaii and Alaska endpoints.

Although we also list this as a benefit, it's crucial to highlight that some customers may find the tracking codes perplexing. They may check their tracking code and see a shipment tagged as "delivered" and then "out for delivery." This can be unclear, primarily because of the process if they don't realize that SmartPost shipments are first sent to the USPS and then to them.

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How Long Does FedEx Smartpost Take?

A lot of people have this question in their mind: how long does FedEx SmartPost take? The delivery time for FedEx SmartPost may be 2–5 days longer than for ground or residential delivery. This is because there will be more shipper participation after USPS takes over that final leg. So just for that reason, plan on an additional day that is assured. But other aspects can impact how long delivery will take. FedEx, for instance, will combine numerous package deliveries to the post office whenever it has enough volume to justify doing so.

You must remember that even with the extra days added to the delivery time, the savings may still outweigh the tradeoff if deliveries aren't time-sensitive and customers know what to anticipate when buying.

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Home Delivery Vs. FedEx Smartpost

The primary distinction between FedEx Home Delivery and their SmartPost alternative is who carries a box to the door or the point of delivery. FedEx is in charge of the shipment from when it is picked up until it is delivered when items are sent via Home Delivery. However, as we've already discussed, FedEx and the USPS have an agreement whereby SmartPost deliveries are delivered to the consumer by the USPS.

Benefits Of Home Delivery

No delivery method is without advantages or disadvantages. When mailing using Home Delivery as opposed to SmartPost, some benefits include:

  • Convenient alternatives for alternative delivery locations: Even if a package is already on its way, customers can easily arrange to have it held at a FedEx site.
  • Free Saturday delivery - When shipping using Home Delivery, there is no Saturday delivery surcharge, similar to SmartPost.
  • Faster delivery - When mailed via Home Delivery, it will arrive sooner than when sent by SmartPost.

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How Does FedEx Smartpost Returns Help My Business?

Obtain recurring business. Making returns simple for customers encourages them to make additional purchases from you.

Cut back on customer calls. Prepaid return labels with detailed instructions can cut call center expenses associated with returns by up to 25%. 1

Make more accurate plans and schedules. You can see incoming return shipments and receive emailed status updates about your incoming items with FedEx Advanced Tracking.

What Are FedEx Ground Economy Returns?

A delivery alternative for returning packages that weigh 70 kg or less and aren't time-sensitive is FedEx Ground Economy Returns, formerly known as FedEx SmartPost Returns. Where to drop off Smartpost returns? From the time FedEx receive and scan the shipment from one of our facilities or the USPS, Monday through Saturday, delivery usually occurs between 2 to 7 business days. FedEx Ground Economy Returns provides complete domestic shipping. We also offer additional affordable FedEx Ground shipping choices for returns.

FedEx SmartPost and FedEx Ground Economy: are they the same service?

FedEx Ground Economy has replaced FedEx SmartPost. But do not fret. FedEx SmartPost will continue to provide reliable residential shipping and returns for low-weight packages that you have grown accustomed to and rely on.

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How Does FedEx Smartpost Returns Help My Customer?

Simple returns

 A prepaid return shipping label is sent to customers with delivery. As a result, clients are spared from printing the brands themselves or waiting in line at a shipping site.

Accessible FedEx drop-off locations

Any one of our 63,000+ locations is a drop-off location for customers.

Options for the US Postal Service tender

Customers can leave their return package in their mailbox or front porch, drop it off at the post office or postal collection box in their community, or even mail it back.

Visibility of the return shipment

Your clients can start keeping track of the return transit once we receive and scan the return package from one of our drop-off locations or the USPS. This reduces the necessity of contacting your customer service department.

When You Track Through Your Customized Tracking Dashboard, You Can:

1. Get Up to 20,000 active FedEx Express®, Fedx Ground Tracking®, FedEx Home Delivery®, and FedEx Freight® shipments will be made visible to you.

2. Access documents, pictures, and thorough status updates, including projected delivery timeframes.

3. You can modify your dashboard to display shipments in a list or calendar view, nickname shipments for quick identification, and filter, sort, and export information.

4. Create a custom view, store it on your dashboard, and quickly re-access it.

5. Log in to access tracking information for shipments associated with your account.

6. You can see shipments made from other linked account numbers by connecting more than one account number or address to your login.

7. View and download a picture of the recipient's signature to obtain delivery evidence.

8. Email notifications can inform recipients of changes to a shipment's status and delivery.

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FedEx Ground Economy (FedEx Smartpost) is a great way to save on shipping costs. This is it if you're looking for an affordable and reliable shipping service. simpl fulfillment can help you take advantage of FedEx Ground Economy (FedEx Smartpost) and deliver your packages quickly and efficiently. We offer pick, pack, and ship services that will take the hassle out of shipping for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business save money on shipping costs!

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