USPS Didn't Pick Up My Package- What Should I Do?

USPS may not have picked up your scheduled USPS pickup for a variety of reasons. From timing issues to incorrect placement of orders, discover the common reasons why USPS didn't pick up your package and what you can do.

USPS may not have picked up your scheduled USPS pickup for a variety of reasons. One of the most significant reasons we witnessed was that the manager failed to give the pickup order to the carrier. The courier has no knowledge this was ever ordered without the order. Without the pickup order, even if the item is sitting next to your box, he won't instantly realize, "Oh, I must pick one up." He would have no idea if that box were brought by someone else. He doesn't have time to examine address labels.

Also, if the parcel is not visible, your mailman will not go looking for it. If this is going to be a regular occurrence, you may always chat to your Postmaster and figure out a convenient time for both of you. Time may also be a problem. It's possible that you didn't place the pickup order in time. Your carrier will almost certainly depart the office about 9 a.m. with his schedule for the day.

Don't worry if USPS delays your pickup! These events do happen from time to time. In the meanwhile, you may always drop your items off at the Post Office. However, if you want to figure out why your pickups are always being missed, here's what you can expect.

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"USPS Didn't Pick Up My Package" Here's What You Should Know

Pickups Are Planned Through USPS And Completed By Your Nearest Post Office

Generally, your local Post Office receives a collection of pickup orders, and the letter carrier who provides mail on your path is meant to look at that lineup and recollect to knock on your gate (or anywhere you asked) when they drop off your mail. Ideally, your parcels should be selected around the same time they usually drop off your mail.

Regrettably, the mail carrier occasionally forgets or is so overloaded that they cannot make it happen. When picking up packages, letter carriers may also exercise their choice. Snow, ice, restricted paths, and dogs may make it difficult for USPS to collect goods.

If you're experiencing trouble with pickup orders regularly, we recommend going to your nearest Post Office and requesting to talk with the Postal worker. Because pickups are handled locally, this is the only effort to identify why they haven't arrived. You may locate your nearest Post Office by visiting

If You Don't Get it Initially, Reschedule

If you find USPS scheduled pickup not working and skipping your scheduled pickup; the wisest choice to do is to reschedule it for the next working day. Most of the time, your letter carrier missing a pickup is a one-time occurrence. We've found that arranging a second pickup generally solves the problem.

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If USPS Fails To Pick Up Your Package Again, Contact Your Local Post Office

While arranging a subsequent pickup usually resolves the issue, this is not always the situation. If USPS fails to pick up your package again, the most practical thing is to go to your local Post Office. When you arrive, request to speak with the Postmaster. Because USPS conducts pickups regionally, the only way of finding out why your letter carrier continues missing your pickup is to contact them.

Here's how it all works with the pickup. Every day, your local Post Office receives a list of pickup orders for that day's region. When delivering your mail, your authorized mail carrier is expected to glance at that listing and recall to call on your given pickup place. As a consequence, they frequently pick up your items at the same time they deliver your mail. However, letter carriers may forget or be so overloaded that they cannot make things work.

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What To Anticipate From Your Next USPS® Mail Search

They will mail you an email confirmation after they obtain your Missing Mail search query. They will also send you search-related updates related to late mail pick up regularly.

They will send your item or mail it to the location you supplied if they discover it. Please keep in mind that we are not always able to locate lost postal items. It's also conceivable that your package or mail will not be retrieved because it was deemed unsafe to send.

Obtaining A Refund

You might be eligible to seek a refund if you utilize a service with a money-back guarantee, like Priority Mail Express®.

Related: USPS Didn't Pick Up My Package- What Should I Do?

Make A Claim

You may be eligible to submit an insurance claim if your mail or package includes insurance. We encourage claiming damaged or missing goods as soon as possible, but you should do so no longer than 60 days from the date of sending.

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