How To Schedule A Pickup For Your Package: USPS, UPS & FedEx

How To Schedule A Pickup For Your Package: USPS, UPS & FedEx

Every shipping service like USPS and UPS has a pickup service for its users. Through the shipping portal, people can schedule a pickup with the service they choose. Every shipping service has a different procedure for the pickup service. However, the pickup service works on the model of scheduling and then waiting for a shipping professional to come to pick up your shipment from your doorstep. 

Such pickup services reduce the hassle for people and also help people in running e-commerce businesses from their homes. You just have to schedule a pickup and wait for the packaged shipment. If you are curious about how to schedule a USPS pick-up, read on and find out more about the service. Moreover, this article also talks about how to schedule a FedEx pick-up and how to schedule a UPS pick-up. If you have been shipping for some time now, you may be aware of the pickup services. If you are a beginner in product shipments, this article will help you know more. 

How To Schedule A USPS Pickup

When you choose USPS for shipping your product, you should also know about its pickup service. Here’s how to schedule a USPS pick-up for your shipment. 

How to schedule a USPS pickup

1.Go to the USPS website and check for a pickup option.

 The website will ask you some questions like where should we pick up? The next question you answer is, where should we be looking for your shipment? In this section, you can give the pickup address and any special instructions or information for the exact pickup location. 

2. Fill-up the time and number of items for pick up.

The website will also ask you about the time of pick up and the number of items the pickup service will register. These specific questions help you in making the most of the pickup service as it delivers specific detail to the service. Thus, clear information reaches USPS, and they schedule a pickup on the date you want. All you have to do after answering the questions is to click on the schedule a pickup button. 

3. Ready Payment

USPS charges a fee of $22 if you schedule a pickup. If you do not schedule a pickup, they will pick your package up on their time.  Moreover, this service will be free. 

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How To Schedule A FedEx Pickup

how to schedule a FeDex Pickup

1. Head to the FedEx website and create an account

You’ll have the option of creating either a personal or business account. Any of these accounts will give  you access to scheduled pickups.

2. Click the “schedule for pickup option”

Once you have your account set-up and get your account number, you can select the ‘pickup option’ and input all the pickup and package details.Your preferred pickup time is under the package information tab.

3. Turn on notifications if desired

 FedEx also gives you a choice to turn on pickup notifications. Once you deposit all the details, you can click on the schedule pickup option. 

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How To Schedule A UPS Pickup

There are two ways in which you can schedule a pickup with UPS. However, since we discuss only online methods in this article, we will explain how to schedule a UPS pick-up online. 

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1. Visit the UPS scheduling site

You’ll then need to fill up either the package or the freight tabs carefully. The information required for the Package tab includes shipping labels, pick-up information, package information, pick-up schedule. Remember, if  you already have labels, answer yes to the question. If you choose the No option, you either choose the purchase postage option or pay your driver by check or money for the labeling.

2. Complete Freight Information (if applicable)

Under the freight tab, you’ll need to declare whether you are the shipper, receiver, or third-party. Additional details such as Commodity and Handling Unit Information and other pickup services can also be selected depending on your needs. 

3. Prepare payment 

Whichever option you choose, the portal directs you towards the payment section. In this section, you can choose the payment option. You either settle the bill with net banking or card payment. You can also opt for paying the amount to the driver in cash or check at the time of pickup. The portal will ask you to verify the information and choices for confirmation. Once chosen, you can choose the complete option by clicking on it. 

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From FedEx to USPS, every major shipping service has a pickup service. Pickup services increase the smoothness of the whole shipping process and provide great service to the customers. Scheduling the pickup is a very easy process for a customer. You can easily sign up for it online and sit back for the pickup team to arrive. Some carriers like FedEx provide on-call pick-up scheduling too.

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