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A DHL package is stuck. What does "En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center" mean?

A DHL package is stuck saying "En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center". What does that mean?

When an order is shipped with DHL eCommerce, the fulfillment center or company that packed and labeled the order has to palletize or put the package in a DHL trailer. They then have to wait for DHL eCommerce to pick up either the pallets of packages or trailer. While it's awaiting pick up by DHL eCommerce, it will show this status by default. The good news is, the tracking should update within a few days max once it gets to a DHL distribution center. If it shows this for multiple days, you should contact the shipper.

DHL eCommerce facilities process a lot of packages each day and sometimes aren't able to scan everything in that day or the next day. It may take a few days for the package to get scanned in. Once the packages are scanned in, DHL will move the package to a post office in or near your zip code at which point they'll hand it off to USPS. You should be able to track the shipment on USPS once it's handed off and with DHL directly here. It may take a few days to update as DHL is a mail consolidator and takes time to process packages.