Various Order Fulfillment Solutions For eBay

Get to learn the most common questions about order fulfilment options by eBay. How does dropshipping by eBay work?

For years, eBay has been serving customers. It is recognized as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, where you can trade various products. However, there are different factors that you need to consider, and listed below are some of them.


Yes, eBay does offer fulfillment services to the sellers. In 2020, eBay to the step to compete with other eCommerce giants. It started Managed Delivery, which is an end-to-end eBay fulfillment service solely for eBay sellers. Like the order fulfillment companies, Managed Delivery helps store, pick, pack, and ship items. 

As per some of the statements from eBay, if you use 'Managed Delivery,' then you have to fulfill orders using boxes from eBay. As a result, it will help in enhancing the brand identity of eBay.

Order Fulfillment Solutions for eBay: Drop shipping, Self-Fulfillment, FBA, and 3rd Party Fulfillment

With eBay, you will get various official shipping services. Some of the commonly available options are Dropshipping, self-fulfillment, FBA, third-party fulfillment, etc. Among the other four alternatives, third-party fulfillment is no doubt seller-friendly. 

How does eBay Dropshipping Work?

In this process, manufacturers produce, store, and ship the goods directly to the consumers. Small eBay seller has adopted the dropshipping method for years. The reason behind this is sellers do not have to purchase the items from the factory. 

When working with unreliable manufacturers and postpone any delivery for above 30 years, you will be penalized. Therefore, it can be a bad idea for different reasons like absence of proposition, no control over product quality, etc. 

When can You Self-Fulfill Orders on eBay?

Self-fulfillment is also known as in-house fulfillment. Sellers efficiently handle everything when it comes to ordering completion. Besides, they do not take any help from the third party. All these things need high skilled labor as well as space for storage. 

If your products are handmade or customized, then it is best to use self-fulfillment. In case you have lo turnaround rate, it might become accessible to self-fulfill things. Or else, you might have to ask others to help you with the orders.

How to use FBA for Fulfilling Orders on eBay?

It is essential to understand that FBA is not just for the FBA sellers. Amazon's multi-channel fulfillment helps in fulfilling orders irrespective of platforms where you sell. However, not everyone does not have the eligibility of using FBA. Within the next few years, sellers who will use FBA for delivering goods should achieve at least more than 400 in IPI. Low performance in sales, as well as a slow turnaround rate, might lead to limited storage.

Why Is Third-Party Fulfillment a Good Idea?

Sellers tend to outsource the third-party fulfillment for tackling complex and costly fulfillment for avoiding high overheads. However, it is far from that. Consumers always prefer such items having low prices and excellent quality. If you have to fulfill orders by yourself, then you will need many preparations. However, using third-party fulfillment increases profit margins.

If you offer free delivery or one-day handling, eBay automatically adds the Fast N Free logo to your products. Due to this reason, it is best to use a powerful third-party partner for helping the product listings. Simpl fulfillment uses a powerful software to integrate your eBay store and handle pick-up, packing, and shipping. Learn more about our services here.

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