The Rules of Freight Weight Shipping on eBay

The Rules of Freight Weight Shipping on eBay

Suppose you are a buyer or seller on eBay who wants to deal with bulky items; the aspect of freight shipping is a concept you need to understand. The things that are large in size and heavyweight classify as products eligible for freight shipping on ebay. Freight is anything that the average person has difficulty in carrying alone. Thus, freight shipping is a challenging task for product shipping and delivery services. A person may use UPS, USPS, or FedEx for shipping bulky items like heavy furniture and appliances. When such items are shipped, the rules and regulations imposed by these services differ. The way freight-weight items are packaged and prepped for shipping also changes. 

The majority of eBay shipments have Less Than Load or LTL status. The LTL shipment is too large to be shipped under standard shipping protocols. However, it is also too small to be sent as an entire truck’s cargo. In this article, the different classifications of freight weight by shipping services are discussed. In addition to this, the packaging necessary for freight shipping is also discussed. 

The Different Thresholds Of Freight Shipments 

For USPS, the cutoff of freight shipment is any package that is heavier than 70 points. In addition to this, a freight package has a length and breadth of 130 inches or more. On the other hand, the UPS classifies anything with a length and breadth of more than 165 inches as freight. However, the package should also be heavier than 150 pounds. For FedEx, the freight classification rules are a bit different than the USPS ones. However, FedEx has the exact freight weight specifications as UPS. Therefore, when you are selling a freight item on eBay or buying one, you have to be mindful of the shipping service you choose to handle the logistics of the product. 

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How Freight Shipments On eBay Works

eBay offers freight shipping services to its registered users if you plan to send or receive a shipment. eBay extends a flat rate freight option to people who use its freight shipping services regularly. This way, you can benefit from lower shipping charges for freight. However, this offer works best for sellers rather than buyers. There are other options that eBay extends to its registered sellers. For example, eBay offers registered sellers the benefit of a negotiated rates program. Under this program, certain carriers registered with eBay offer freight shipping services at a discounted rate. On the other hand, if these options are not viable, you can partner with a local trucking and transport company specializing in freight shipping. You might be able to chalk out a mutually beneficial deal at a better shipping rate. 

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Cost Of Shipping Freight On eBay 

The shipping freight cost on eBay fluctuates with the package weight and the location it is shipped. The size and dimensions of the item are also taken into consideration. The pricing for freight shipments can even be hundreds of dollars. As an eBay user, it is best to use a shipping cost calculator for a specific package you want to ship. 

How To Package A Freight Shipment 

Freight shipment has to differ from other packages depending on the dimensions and bulk of the product. The packaging should be appropriate so that the package delivers without any damage to the actual product. 

Here are a few general packaging rules that one should follow to minimize the chance of damage to the freight shipped. 

Use plastic wrap- Wrap the product in plastic wrap to avoid the deposition of dirt and grease on the freight in transit. The plastic wrap should be secure enough and long enough to cover the entire product. 

Use a wooden forklift palette – From a hardware store, you will get a forklift palette to cover your wrapped product. This palette comes in handy to protect the product when lifted with a forklift between different locations and trucks. Since bulky things need the use of a forklift in transit, the palette is a necessary protection. 

Add a layer of protection- You should wrap the shipment with a layer of Styrofoam or use wooden crating to protect it from damage during movement. This is especially necessary if your product has some fragile parts. The protective covering also protects the shipment from dents during lifting. 

Use padding or soft exterior coating- An additional layer of protection is a layer of padding material or smooth coating so that the layer absorbs any shock to the shipment. 

Your freight package needs to be secure and shockproof for shipping eligibility. This is because the box will face a lot of lifting and other pressure movements during transit. The packaging needs to be secure to ensure that there is no room for damage and dents.

 A freight shipment package needs extra care in packaging and transport. It might also incur additional shipping costs depending on the carrier you use. It is, therefore, important to prep and ship freight items with caution and consideration.

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