How Does eBay Shipping Work?

Learn how to use eBay's robust logistics network as an eCommerce business owner, and find out if it's the exemplary selling service for your needs. Get everything you need to know here.

How Does eBay Shipping Work?

With millions of buyers present on eBay, it is one of the most popular digital and online shopping platforms. If you have an e-commerce store, you want to set up a shop on eBay. Before setting up shop on eBay, you must know how to ship on eBay. Every eCommerce business depends on shipping and delivery. 

People need better shipping practices and faster deliveries for a better experience from eCommerce platforms. When selling on eBay, there are more than one types of the shipping process that you can opt for. By researching and knowing about different shipping processes, you can choose and set a standard for shipping on eBay. 

How Does Delivery Work On eBay? 

Delivery on eBay works in two modes. One is through delivering the goods to the buyer in person. On the other hand, eBay can also ship goods via its dedicated shipping service. Depending on the mode, you can choose the shipping service. 

Local Delivery Mode 

The local delivery option works when the buyer and the seller have communicated to decide where to meet and exchange the item and money. The place of the meet-up and the money to be given are already agreed upon. Many people prefer the local delivery mode because they can trust the seller and conduct the transaction in person after seeing and checking the product—however, others like online shipping and delivery mode for convenience and service. 

Shipping Service 

The shipping service extended by eBay depends on the delivery and order fulfillment network that eBay has. Depending on the location and of the buyers and sellers, you can choose the right kind of shipping service. The shipping service from eBay works on both an international and local basis, depending on the location. 

The shipping service works for buyers and sellers far away from each other. eBay delivery services work with the help of integrated shipping carriers that operate worldwide. The eBay shipping service sends the packages to the buyer's registered address. The integrated eBay shipping carriers are not only limited to its carriers but USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. 

International package delivery also ties up with domestic carriers in different countries like Japan Post, Israel Post, La Poste, etc. There are diverse shipping carriers linked with eBay, and there is minimal delay or problem in shipping the package anywhere in the world. 

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Consider The Different Shipping Options From eBay 

Before you start operating on the eBay platform, you need to consider the different options the eBay platform offers. The choice that you make should depend on the buyer's shipping address and the size of the shipment. The type of shipment is also a significant factor in the decision. The distance to be covered by the shipping service and whether it is international also decides the shipping mode and carrier. Now that we know who eBay ships with, we can choose a reliable shipping partner depending on our needs. 

Different items need different packaging and different shipping options. Look at the products that you are dealing with and decide what will be the best type of shipping mode for them. The business has to know the weight of the product and the dimensions to decide on the packaging and shipping procedure. See if the product needs more internal packaging and packing material for better cushioning. 

You have to know whether the product needs to be inside a box. The business has to determine the weight of the package before sending it for shipping because the charges depend on the weight and dimensions of the box. The shipping service you choose also depends on the speed of delivery you promise to the customer. Look at the average rate of your shipping partner and choose the suitable shipping mode for the whole process. 

On eBay, there are two different types of modes depending on the speed of the whole process. For example, the business can extend the choice of economy shipping which takes 11 to 23 days for delivery. Economy shipping is often extended as the default shipping option. On the other hand, there is an expedited mode of shipping for eBay products which has a higher speed and delivers the product within ten days. However, the expedited method of shipping costs more, and this increased shipping cost could be taken from the customer. Depending on how long a seller has to ship on eBay, he can choose the shipping mode. 

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Local Pickup Options 

If you are selling large items that are not appropriate for shipping, the local pickup option is better. The buyer has to reach a destination where the seller chooses to pick up the item himself. The local pickup option is more transparent and direct than the online one. Under the eBay local pickup option, the business has to offer the option of at least one of the electronic payment methods so that the buyer can pay for the product quickly. 

The payment option can be Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any other payment gateway. The business must also comply with the proof of pickup guidelines to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly and there is no miscommunication or complaints later. The local pickup option mainly works for domestic modes of shipping. 

If you are not comfortable with local pickup and the physical process is a long one, then you can go for domestic shipping and delivery. There are many shipping options available under the domestic shipping process. 

Calculated Shipping

The calculated shipping method is used to calculate the shipping prices for the entire package through the eBay shipping calculator based on the distance of the buyer from the seller and the dimensions of the package. The calculated shipping process is done through eBay's calculator and is easily determined for its charges. 

Flat Shipping

Flat shipping is when the person will pay the exact shipping charges depending on the shipping costs the seller has to pay and quote to the buyer

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is done for packages that are large and bulky. Freight shipping is done for things like heavy furniture and appliances, and it is done through freight carriers. This is mainly done for international shipping modes. This shipping process is done in bulk and can save some money for the company as packages are sent out in batches and bulk. 

The Global Shipping Program 

The global shipping program from eBay is another functional international shipping module that can help you get the most out of your shipping and delivery partners. If your business is turning global and wants to reach international buyers worldwide, choosing the global shipping program from eBay is a good decision. With the help of the eBay global shipping program, you can get more than 60 million buyers everywhere. 

The global shipping program connects you with international shipping carriers. Through this program, your business can use international standard delivery for the whole process. The global shipping program is easy to sign up for and operate. The company only has to ensure that the products reach the domestic shipping center of eBay. Then eBay sends these packages outside the USA with the help of international shipping partners. 

The customs duties and the international shipping rates are all handled by eBay. The global shipping program partners with sellers, eBay, and international shipping carriers. On the other hand, the whole process is very streamlined and straightforward for the seller who wants to send the parcel to large distances and foreign countries. 

The Process of eBay Shipping 

Pick out a suitable shipping option- The seller has to decide on an appropriate shipping option from the different eBay shipping programs offered. You can choose a local pickup option for short-distanced domestic deliveries to which the buyer agrees. The pickup option is a good choice for maintaining the traditional way of negotiation and upfront payments. For longer distances and a full-fledged business, it is better to choose domestic shipping. 

This is when you have a business that gets a lot of domestic orders and cannot provide a pickup option for every customer. eBay shipping can help domestic companies that operate within the states of the USA and have smaller and lightweight products. International shipping options can be taken by companies that are running on an international basis. When you want to expand your business towards the global market, you should choose the global shipping


Choose The Delivery Date 

The package's delivery date is an important parameter to consider. People prefer speedy delivery and quick delivery timelines to use the product as soon as possible. Fast delivery is a vital determinant of customer experience that comes out of the shipping process. The business has to decide the delivery date based on the distance to be covered and the customer's expectations. 

The delivery date must be met, and the business should choose a shipping partner to deliver the product within the timeline. The delivery date depends on the product type, the distance to be covered, and the customer served. If the customer is domestic, he will expect the delivery to happen within a shorter timeline. If the customer is international, the customer might wait for the package a little longer. Yet, customers prefer to get packages at a fast rate. 

Offer Local Pickups 

The business should offer local pickups to the customers in their locations so that they can pick up the package according to their convenience. Local pickups are great for people who need more time to adhere to a delivery time and want to get the product the way they like. The local pickup can happen at a store or outlet the customer can reach. The business should also choose the labels and packaging for the products for proper delivery and pickups. The local pickups and delivery can be done in a phased and hyperlocal manner for coordination and timely delivery. 

Update The Tracking Information 

The delivery process has to be streamlined and optimized so that the customer gathers a better experience. The customer wishes to stay updated on the timeline and process. The customer should be sent alarms and texts depending on the delivery phases. If the package is delivered late, then the business should inform the customers about the delay. 

The tracking information should be available if the customer wants to track the package. Even after the delivery, the successful delivery information should be updated on the portal so the customer can see it. Proper tracking can help you create a complete delivery timeline so the customer remains informed and can see it whenever needed. 

How To Start Shipping On eBay?

The best way to ship eBay items is by eBay shipping services. Now that you know how to ship items on eBay, let us follow the detailed steps. 

Start an eBay Shipping Profile 

As a new seller on eBay, you should sign up for eBay shipping services and create a shipping profile for your business. After creating an eBay shipping profile, you can go to the portal and check for the available services. 

Use The Shipping Calculator 

When starting to use eBay shipping services, use the eBay shipping calculator, which includes packaging, weight, location, and chosen to deliver service. How long eBay sellers ship will vary depending on the dimensions and shipping carrier. 

Use The Shipping Service 

Your business then sends the parcels packaged and labeled with eBay labels to eBay warehouses. The packages are processed and handled before they are sent to different locations with the help of carriers. 

The eBay shipping service works on domestic as well as global fronts. Depending on the scale and products of the business, the business can go with the eBay shipping service. 


As an eCommerce business owner, you want to provide your customers with the very best shopping experience possible; one of the essential elements of that journey is how their products are shipped. By using eBay shipping, you can rest assured knowing that your delivery is handled quickly, reliably, and securely – ensuring a customer experience. So why not take the plunge? If you need help getting started with eBay shipping for eCommerce fulfillment, Simpl is just a few clicks away! Our team of experts is ready to guide you through every step of the way, so don't hesitate to reach out today and let us help make your online shopping journey as smooth as possible!

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