The Best Books For Amazon FBA Sellers 2021

The Best Books For Amazon FBA Sellers 2021

Amazon FBA sellers are a special breed. They know that success is found in the items they sell, and how well they can find those items at low cost to resell on Amazon. And for this reason, there is no shortage of books dedicated to teaching you how to be successful with Amazon FBA. But which book should you buy?

Well luckily for our readers, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best books for Amazon FBA Sellers 2021 below!

These books will give you all the tools necessary to become an expert seller on Amazon!

5 Must-read Books For An Amazon FBA Seller in 2021

The Reseller’s Guide To A Year In FBA

The most recent version of this book was released in 2020. The book is an excellent book for Amazon sellers because it is written by an Amazon seller, Stephen Smotherman. Since the book itself has been written by an Amazon FBA seller, it quickly addresses the challenges of selling on the platform. If you are getting a foothold as an FBA seller and want to grow in the field, you should check for this book in the stands. The reseller’s guide has the most updated tips and growth models for Amazon FBA sellers. Since 2020 was the year of massive growth in the eCommerce sector, a book like this was necessary. The book has a comprehensive outline of monthly growth targets for an Amazon seller. 

The Tribe of Arbitrages

The Tribe of Arbitrages  is an excellent book to read if you plan to become an established Amazon FBA seller. The book has been experienced by many established online sellers around the world. You can read the book and learn from their experiences. The book talks about real-life experiences. Therefore, you know what works the best for establishing a successful Amazon business after reading this book. You know what to do and what to avoid after reading this book. The book can go a long way in giving a clear direction to your selling business. The book not only has tips and tricks but multiple interviews of other sellers too. 

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Amazon Selling Blueprint

This book is a kindle edition and is better than other books you find online. While other books are fundamental, this particular book is a detailed one Written by Scott Voelker. This is a guide to private label selling on Amazon. The book describes the author’s journey towards establishing a successful business on Amazon. Since it talks about someone’s own experience, you will learn a lot from the book. The book speaks from the first steps to the current running model so that you can map out your journey with the book’s help. 


The book written by Chris Green is a book on online selling and is a must-read if you plan to succeed in your business. The book is written by someone who started retail arbitrage even before it was a craze in the eCommerce sector. Chris Green started doing retail arbitrage on eBay in 1999. Therefore, the Authoritative phrase is suitable to be used in this book. The book has excellent tool and process recommendations from a highly experienced seller. The book also discusses setting the correct Amazon prices on the platform. This book is like an all-in-one book for all your queries related to Amazon selling. 

Product Research 101

Product Research 101  is an excellent book to read if you are starting out and still have not found your niche. The book discusses effective product research in detail and discusses both wholesale and private label selling. The book discusses the process of product research, identification, and mapping out its demands. It helps you select high-demand products according to trends so that you can sell to the highest profits. The book will help you maintain a steady stream of profit for your business. You can easily find suppliers and test out the market for a product niche after reading this book. 

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There are some great books out there for Amazon sellers. If you’re looking to learn more about the field, these must-read titles will help you build a solid knowledge base while also providing practical insights that can be used in your daily life as an FBA seller. Although reading may not be your first instinct when it comes to this type of business, once you find one excellent book on the subject matter and start learning from it, everything starts making sense and then before long you're on your way to profits too!

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