Selling Service on eBay: Beginners Guide

Discover the essential tips for selling services on eBay. Learn how to create effective listings, get the most out of marketing, and use analytics to continuously improve your sales strategy with this helpful guide from Simpl!

Selling Service on eBay: Beginners Guide

We know the eCommerce industry has boomed recently after the pandemic hit global markets. However, eCommerce platforms were present in the market even before the pandemic. One of the oldest global eCommerce platforms is eBay. eBay mainly connects buyers with sellers, and most sellers sell products here.

However, today, services are as crucial as other products. As a company, you can even sell services on eBay. Selling Services on eBay is not alien to companies because people demand niche services that make life easy for them. If you do not have a product in mind for the market, you can use eBay listing services and sell the intangible product or services.

Many portals sell products and services. eBay continues to remain relevant among these platforms. Selling services on eBay can be tricky, but it can be appropriately done with the help of the features and strategies of eBay selling. Let us know whether you can sell a service on eBay in detail.

Why Should You Sell On eBay?

It is not valid if you think that eBay products and services are less in demand. You should sell on eBay for various reasons, even if you only sell services. There are more than 160 million users of eBay who buy from the marketplace. Not all of these customers buy products. Many people and businesses purchase services from sellers on eBay.

The eBay website and app both see high footfall from different parts of the world. If you wish to set up a successful global eCommerce business, opening a seller account on eBay is a good choice. You can also open your shop on other eCommerce platforms along with eBay. However, eBay is one of the few eCommerce platforms that support selling services.

You can choose the type of business you want to set up. You can either be a Power seller or an amateur reseller on eBay. Service sellers on eBay are usually Power sellers who work exclusively on services and intangible products. Power sellers are sellers who create a product dedicatedly and do not resell. Amateur resellers source the product and then resell it from another producer.

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How Much Does Selling Cost On eBay?

The seller can start selling on eBay by creating an account. The creation of a report on eBay is free of cost. However, there are additional costs that the seller has to pay to be completely functional on the platform. Whether you switch to a business account or sell services through your account, you must spend some seller fees on the platform before starting selling services. Let us learn about the many payments you have to pay for selling on eBay-

Insertion Fees

Insertion fees are the money you must pay to eBay to list a service on the platform. When you use eBay listing service for the listing of services, you need to pay the insertion fees. The insertion fee is charged per listing and category. While this may sound very expensive, the option for 250 free listings on the platform without any insertion fees every month makes it a cost-effective process.

Final Value Fees

As a seller, you must also pay the final value fees, which eBay charges every time a transaction is completed for the service listing. Every time the Service sells to any customer, eBay will set a final value fee on the transaction. The absolute value fees include different charges and taxes on the intangible product.

Payment Processing Fees

There are many payment gateways and modes that customers use today. Some payment processing fees come up when customers use cards or online payment methods. The payment processing fees have to be paid by the business. These payment processing fees might come from something other than eBay but from banks handling the payment gateways. The payment processing fees come up from third-party payment gateways like PayPal. The eBay platform offers you the option of using the Managed Payments section, which allows eBay to manage all your online transactions. Here also, the platform takes processing fees.

Advertisement And Listing Fees

Apart from these regular payment fees, the business must also pay extra if it advertises its services. Moreover, the company must pay extra to upgrade the service listing and classification. These additional fees can be a range of amounts depending on the advertisement and listing service.

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How To Sell Services On eBay

When selling services over products, your strategy should differ from your strategy for product selling. Listing the Service, gathering feedback for the Service, and further upgrades can be tricky. However, there are many tips and tricks that you should follow when selling intangible products on eBay.

Be Clear About The Service

When we start selling an intangible product, such as a service, we often need clarification about the idea and identity behind the product. Because of this, the product needs to be appropriately named, and the customer also needs clarification. When listing a service, it is essential to get the title right so the customer finds what he is looking for and buys it.

A clear title and purpose for the Service also improve the feedback for your Service because the customer gets what he knows and expects. The business must clearly state what it does to increase the selling rate and demand. The buyer should experience clarity and transparency when buying a service. A straightforward listing title not only improves first-time sales but also improves the overall return rate of the users.

Do Not Create Personal Hype

The buyer is here to buy your services, not your details. There is a section for the seller's personal information and qualifications. Many sellers embellish this section with much detail and remove the spotlight from the actual Service. Suppose you use too many superlatives and highlight the personal qualification section. In that case, it confuses the buyer to a great extent if you wish to create hype around your services, not yourself.

The personal qualification section should contain only one or two lines introducing the seller and his achievements. The rest of the description should be focused on the Service. The focus should always be on the Service because the customer wants to buy the Service. The better you describe the Service, the more the user will know about it and feel confident to buy it.

Tell Them What You Are Not Selling

Services can be overlapping and confusing for customers if they need to be adequately defined. People also need to become more experienced in buying services on eBay. For new customers and users, you need to determine the Service. It would help if you also told them what it is that your business does not sell. You set unreal expectations and wrong precedents by not telling them what you are not selling.

When describing the Service, put disclaimers that say what you are not selling and what the customers should never expect. Be specific about the services and their details so the customer is transparent. Tell them about the upgrades or additional services that they have to pay for on top of the services that you are offering. This will connect your business with the customers as an honest brand. 

Be Clear About The Terms

When some services are offered to people, these are done based on some terms and conditions. Your business should be clear about the terms and conditions related to the service agreement. There are many aspects with which services are linked. These are important terms and conditions that you should put up. The terms and conditions should be clear so the customer signs the service agreement after complete information.

For example, the terms of refund and service nullification should be clear from the beginning. If you offer some guarantee on the Service, what are the guarantee parameters, and how do you determine the guaranteed validity? If the service offer is linked with satisfaction, what are the parameters of satisfaction, and how will the business collect the feedback? The terms and conditions of the service period length and pricing should also be clear so that both parties are reasonable.

Proofread The Listing

When putting up the sale service, you must be clear about the text and details you put in the description. The listing should be appropriate and well-edited. Once you put up the description, you must also get it checked by a marketing executive or a copywriter to be correct and impactful.

Writing the description is more difficult for intangible products than tangible products, and an editor or a copywriter should proofread it. The copy that is written for the listing should be attractive and clear. The copy should be written to make the customer buy the Service immediately. It must change if the editor feels lost and underwhelmed by the listing details.

Include Multiple Photos

Often people think that services cannot be represented with photos. Photos need to be included in every listing, even services. Never look at the intangible product differently than the tangible product. The intangible product can also have photos you should include for its representation.

People process visual information at a better pace than textual information. The business must use the right images to represent the Service for better advertisement and connection with the customer. You can hire a photographer who can create clever pictures related to the Service, or you can get your portfolio clicked if you are involved with the Service somehow.

The photographs can be clicked and used depending on the Service and the details. For example, if the Service is software-powered, screenshots, review captures, and screen grabs from the panel before posting the listing. This way, the user can visualize the software and output before buying the Service.

Look And Learn eBay's Rules

Before starting to enlist and sell intangible services, look at the rules and regulations of eBay related to the services. Always try to list services according to the categories specified, and the rules stated. The regulations to list out products are different from that for services. Therefore, adhering to regulations and creating advertisements is much better.

According to eBay, you must know what an intangible item is and how to use this category for profits. These listings with only services do not have any additional items. These service listings usually have no item tag in their description. The service providers should adhere to the rules of eBay so that there are no policy violations.

When you provide information along with the listing, ensure you do not violate IP laws and are not pestered with copyright claims. The policy related to the product should be transparent so that the customer knows whether your company has delivered the promised Service.

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The potential for success when selling services on eBay can be profound. With the right plan, knowledge, and attention to detail, it's possible to become a highly successful seller without worrying about other issues like marketing and customer service. From there, it's just a matter of investing in the right products and implementing strategies that meet your particular needs—all while ensuring that you stay organized and track all financial transactions. To help ensure your path to success is as streamlined as possible, take advantage of support services offered by companies like Simpl; they make it easy for any eBay entrepreneur to manage orders and boost their efficiency. Ultimately, this guide can help set you on a promising venture for long-term prosperity. Get started today on eBay and see what unique opportunities await!

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