Merch by Amazon: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to initiate sales on Amazon? Merch by Amazon is the answer. Find out how to set-up your account, find the right products, and get success.

Merch by Amazon: A Step-by-Step Guide

There is no denying that selling products on Amazon has become the primary source of income generation for many people. Indeed, trading on Amazon is a feasible way to earn, as evident from recent stats, especially about the new sellers. The merchandise by Amazon has produced phenomenal results, and selling on this platform burgeoned considerably. Its popularity has skyrocketed more than ever, particularly this year. It is quite natural that every interested person would long to take advantage of this opportunity, especially when there is exponential growth in eCommerce.

Not everyone has a sufficient amount of capital to afford to produce his or her merchandise to sell on Amazon. However, Amazon provides an example opportunity to initiate sales using their forums. In this regard, Amazon plays a vital role as the most significant eCommerce entity in the world. They offer a print-on-demand service whereby one has to sell only the products that the customers would like to purchase. It means, being a seller, you need not be apprehensive as regards the inventory or upfront cost.

This write-up would provide a comprehensive insight concerning Merch by Amazon in a step-by-step manner. Keep reading as today you are going to learn something inspiring. So, without further ado, let's dive into it!

Merch by Amazon-A Step-by-Step Guide & Common FAQS

The Merch by Amazon program has brought about a few changes regarding its process. Once, every person could avail it regardless of any special invitation to operate an account thereof. However, it is still relatively easy, and you can employ it after receiving an invitation from a concerned forum. Then, you will have to upload the product that you like to put on the market. Having been approved by Amazon, your merchandise list is prepared, and Amazon starts managing all necessary things such as customer services, shipping, and printing on the seller's behalf; subsequently, he or she begins receiving royalties.

Several modus operandi available for selling on Amazon; however, the Merch by Amazon system is distinct from others in many ways. You would not face any difficulty in becoming its part in obtaining an account because its entrance needs no complicated procedure. You can conveniently open your account on Amazon Merch without paying any initial cost, or even if you do not possess the credentials of a graphic designer or any other artistic traits. It requires merely one thing, that is an invitation from its platform. One should not worry about that invitation which is quite a simple procedure. In the next para, we would deliberate on getting Merch by Amazon invitation and approval processes thereof.

How to Obtain an Invitation from Amazon Merch?

To obtain an invitation regarding the Merch by Amazon, you need to complete an application wherein you will have to explain why you like to opt for Merch by Amazon and why you should take your request into account. Subsequently, you would process your request for necessary scrutiny and consideration. It may take time; meanwhile, you would remain on a wailing list. The demand for Merch by Amazon has increased manifold; therefore, the requisite procedure of application acceptance takes some time.

Details of The Amazon Merch Dashboard

An Amazon Merch dashboard is sent to you in due course of time after the mandatory acceptance regarding your application for opening your account on Merch by Amazon. You can use this dashboard to put up your new ideas, analyze and manage your sales and overall layouts, respectively. The dashboard provides you account details that pertain to published products, your selling tier in terms of level, and the number of available designs which would be able to create. Besides, you would find a conspicuous button showing "Add products" that helps furnish details concerning the latest sale trends in the two big markets of the US and EU, including a distinct online section regarding Great Britain.

How to Create the First Product on Amazon Merch

Naturally, every seller would do the first thing to add his or her merchandise after getting an open account on Merch Amazon. For this purpose, you will have to use the blue color button showing "Add products" at the top corner of the right side of the dashboard. Just press this button to create your first merchandise. It would showcase various kinds of merchandise, and you can submit your designs accordingly. Henceforth, it would provide a variety of pop sockets and shirts for exhibiting your graphics. Thenceforth, you need to upload your artworks for which there is a button available manifesting "Upload Artworks" or "Edit details." At times, people might be unable to employ the editing option; then, they can avail downloadable systems or patterns offered by the Amazon Merch. These templates help use the procedure conveniently.

Moreover, your artworks have to abide by the directions outlined by the Amazon Merch. These regulation are discussed as below:

  • To make sure that your product always adheres to the current copyrights and trademark regulations and is not manufactured using inappropriate materials involving indecent content, extremism, child labor, carbon footprint, improper use of language, etc.
  • Contact details.
  • Incomplete set of data.
  • Insistence on product appraisal.

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The Product Should be Design-Ready

It is also vital to make sure that your merchandise is design-ready. Amazon Merch demands this as a prerequisite. If you do not make your designs yourself, you will have to make sure its submission with detailed instructions to the concerned artwork dealer. The Amazon Merch has also outlined the eligibility as regards the Design-ready. They are as follows:

  • The design must be with 300 dots per inch.
  • The file submitted by you should be less than 25MB.
  • The red, green, and blue color model enables you to create a print in a wide range of hues.

Submit Your Products and Go Live

As soon as your merchandise is design-ready, you can make an estimate and fix your product's price and subsequently go live. After that, your merchandise list undergoes the eight distinct rules and regulations. They include the draft, review process, declined or accepted, started, processing, pending approval, change of status to live, and removal of a product (designs) if not sold within the prescribed time of 180 days of its inception or breach Amazon content.

Facilities Available for Creating Design

Many people might need help regarding the creation of designs as not every individual has expertise. Graphic designing or photoshop requires certain traits. However, there are many things available on the internet to create a plan for your merchandise. For instance, 99Designs and can help using their freelancers dealing in this field, especially regarding the products needed to put on the Amazon Merch. Furthermore, you can also surf Jungle Scout Market to explore many professional designers, particularly well informed with the Amazon Merch forum.

How Much Royalty Can One Earn Selling Products on Amazon Merch ?

The royalty payment earned would vary resting on the prices of products. Generally, they can be 13% to 37% subject to many certain factors. It is the amount you earned as royalty regardless of the price of the product that is deducted by a few Amazon's costs in addition to the applicable taxes.

Amazon Merch Limitations and Tiers

There is the provision of limitations and tiers regarding your products. If you are a new seller and have just started, you are eligible for ten submissions. However, this number increases with time. The increase in the tiers is made in the following manner:

  • 10
  • 25
  • 100
  • 500
  • Pro

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Suggestions for Getting Successful on Amazon Merch

Having come to comprehend the rudiments of Merch by Amazon and a thorough insight thereof, the following are a few suggestions for using this forum efficaciously:

  • To do away with the product that is not yielding the desired outcome will provide you with only ten submissions at the inception.
  • Always try to capitalize on-trend and be aware of the popular demand.
  • In this regard, it would be prudent to observe what the general public is discussing on social media.
  • Focus on an appropriate place or areas like Jungle Scout, a forum available all-in-one niche selling on Amazon.
  • Increase a following for your merchandise using fascinating and appealing content especially using social media.
  • As regards advertising your listing, Amazon provides two-fold way-outs. Firstly, it has a portal for promotion whereby you can make your Twitter and Facebook posts to publicize your product. Besides, a few sellers can create their advertisements in respect of their Merch items.

If you long for opening an account on Merch by Amazon and making headways a successful seller using Amazon seller, this article will help you considerably.

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