5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money on Amazon

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Amazon is the best platform to earn money, better than any other eCommerce website. This is because Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform globally, with visits by over 190 million people each month. In the year 2020, Amazon earned $3.86 billion. Overall, Amazon has raked in USD 344 billion since its launch in the year 1994. 

Amazon offers many ways to earn money by enabling product vendors to sell their products through the site and many other methods. This implies that even if you are not a seller, you can earn money through Amazon. 

Consider the following methods if you are curious about how to earn money through Amazon.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money on Amazon

1.Amazon FBA 

FBA means Fulfillment By Amazon. The question is: how to make money on Amazon FBA. All you need to do is deliver your product to an Amazon Fulfillment Centre. Products stored in fulfillment centers are packed, shipped, and delivered to the customers when orders are placed for them. This means you don't have to do anything except return your product to the fulfillment center. simpl fulfillment offers pick, pack and ship services for Amazon FBA businesses. Find out how we can help you grow your business here.

Amazon charges the sellers as per the weight and size of the units. A storage fee has to be paid in case the inventory does not sell. Amazon waives off the price for the new FBA partners for the first 100 units or three months. The waived-off charges include transportation fees for Amazon Transport Service, Storage fees, and Removal fees. The trial period of 3 months commences as soon as the first shipment is received at Fulfillment Centre. Other charges such as Referral fees, Weight Handling fees, and Closing fees are not exempted during the trial period. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get started in the FBA business.

Register as a seller on Amazon. After that, log in and set up for seller account at Seller Central. Give your business details and list the products you are selling.

Sign up for Amazon FBA after listing your products and enter the additional details required for FBA. Choose your nearest Amazon Fulfillment Centre. Finally, ship your products to the FC. 

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2. Amazon Merch 

Amazon Merch provides an excellent opportunity for designers and artists to earn money. All you need to do is upload a design for shirts, hoodies, or sweaters on the Merch platform. Amazon prints, packs, ships, and handles customer service. Thus, you do not have to maintain stocks and bother about product handling. Amazon pays commission on every sale to the designer based on the price set by Amazon. 

It is not necessary to be a professional designer to earn money through Merch. Many online designing platforms enable anyone to create designs for shirts and other apparel. All you need to do is access such a platform and make your design.

Sign up to Merch and create your account. After that, upload the design you have created for any product, select the color and write a product description. A product page is made for the merchandise carrying your design. 

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3. Reselling Products 

Selling products through Amazon does not necessarily entail dealing with manufacturers and wholesalers to get inventory. You can also earn money by purchasing products from other online platforms and reselling them on Amazon. The mainstay of this method is that a product priced at a lower price on an eCommerce site compared to its price on Amazon can be purchased and sold on Amazon for a profit. 

Researching suitable products to resell is essential because the products you choose must be in demand to get enough sales. Zeroing in on products on Amazon which are selling for lower prices on other online sites is the first step. After that, you need to use an online tool to check the sale history of the products you are interested in to ensure that those products are in demand. Profit margins, level of competition, and other data can also be analyzed using such a tool.

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4. Amazon Associates 

Amazon Associates program provides the opportunity to earn money without storing inventory or fulfilling orders. When you sign up for this program, Amazon provides you with unique links for their products. You need to post these links on your blog, social media page, website, or another online platform. 

Amazon pays commissions on purchases made by customers through the links shared by you. You can earn up to a 10% commission on each purchase. Even if the customer purchases a different product than what you are promoting but reaches that product through the link you have posted, you still get the commission.

People with many followers on social media or established blogs are perfect candidates for the Amazon Associates program.

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5. Amazon Handmade 

Amazon handmade is suitable for you if you are skilled in handcrafted items such as crafts, jewelry, pottery, accessories, handicrafts, etc. Amazon Handmade gives a custom URL to sell your handmade products. Amazon charges a 15% referral fee on each sale, and there is no fee unless you make a sale. 

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