Ever Heard About Poly Mailers?

Ever Heard About Poly Mailers?

Internet business is tied in with reducing expenses, and the kind of packaging you use will decide the amount you will pay to get things to the client's doorstep. To get a positive profit from their client securing cost, retailers need to drive dispatching costs down. One approach to do this is to pick the correct bundling for shipments that will shield things from being harmed on travel at a sensible expense. While cardboard boxes are an excellent choice for mailing sensitive items, they might be pointless and costly when sending less delicate things like clothing and shoes.

Well, instead of cardboard, you have the option of using poly mailers, also known as mailbags.

What are Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers are lightweight, durable plastic packs that are intended to send light and less delicate things. They are an incredible option in contrast to standard bundling. They help eCommerce merchants cut back on bundling and delivery costs since they are moderate and occupy less room on transporter's vehicles while on travel.

They have a self-fixing fold-over tip and require no tape. A transportation name can likewise be attached straightforwardly to the pack. It makes them simpler to pack and transport, consequently making for a phenomenal option for transportation non-delicate things that do not need to be delivered in large bulky boxes.

What Are Poly Mailers Used For?

Poly mailers can be used for a variety of purposes, including shipping and packaging. They're often used to ship small items, as they'relightweight and protect the item from damage. They're also moisture-resistantand help keep the item inside dry.


Poly mailers can also be used for packaging purposes. Forexample, you can use them to package fragile items or to create a custompackage for a specific product.

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Different Types of Poly Mailers

Regardless of whether you need to add more security to your purchaser's things, lower transport costs, be eco-accommodating, or feature your image, you make sure to get the specific sort of poly mailer to accomplish your objectives.

Essentially, there are four kinds of poly mailers accessible. They are:

Ordinary white poly mailers

These are the norm and the most low-cost poly mailers with no bubble padding. They are your most innovative option if you need to get a good deal on delivery costs. They are most appropriate for non-delicate things like attire or delicate items that are now in tough bundling and require no extra security.

Bubble padded poly mailers

 Poly air pocket mailers drive their name from how they come cushioned with bubble wrap to give extra assurance to things being dispatched. They are somewhat more costly and are ideal for top-notch items that require additional padding to forestall harm or scratches.

Expansion poly mailers

These substantial poly mailers include a cushioned base to take into consideration the transportation of thicker things. They are made of solid polyethylene and are ideal for shielding things from dampness harm during delivery. They are additionally cut, alter, and tear-safe.

Eco-accommodating choices

These are somewhat custom poly mailers made for eco-cognizant brands, and they incorporate biodegradable and reused alternatives. It makes them ideal for eco-accommodating brands centered on limiting waste and augmenting environmentally friendly power since they are all right for the two customers and the climate.

Benefits of Using Poly Mailers

Boxes are a staple for transportation, yet they can be pointless for delivering certain items. For instance, shoes are regularly bundled in solid cardboard boxes, so transportation inside another cardboard box would not bode well. Attire is another excellent alternative for poly mailers as apparel is not helpless to be squashed or broken without a container. Here are a couple of reasons why you should seriously think about utilizing a poly mailer rather than a box.

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They are more modest and lighter

 Poly mailers are space-savers. That implies they take less space on delivery trucks. Because of their lightweight and small size, they help eCommerce traders cut back on transportation costs contrasted with cardboard boxes accompanying the dimensional weight component. Then again, poly mailers help diminish dimensional weight, consequently lessening dispatching costs for lightweight things that would somehow take more space when delivered in a crate.

They are not difficult to customize and modify

Just like boxes, you can give your poly mailers a smooth look with custom marking alternatives and pleasure your purchasers with an extraordinary unpacking experience. It is simpler and less expensive to incorporate your logo, symbolism, colors, and other marking materials on poly mailers than boxes.

They incorporate eco-accommodating choices

 If your brand is based on a conservative ecological establishment, you may adequately peer downward on standard poly mailer packs as an awful choice for the climate. Fortunately, there are numerous eco-accommodating bundling alternatives for poly mailer bags offered by various bundling organizations. You may even move toward a bundling organization to make your custom poly mailers that are recyclable and biodegradable.

While layered boxes are substantial, modest, and impervious to harm, poly mailers give security while diminishing delivery costs. Because of their lightweight and manageable size, poly mailers are low in shipment when contrasted with boxes.

They are budget-friendly

One central point in valuing shipments is the dimensional weight. An evaluating procedure used by transporters is where they charge whichever weight is more noteworthy: the accurate weight of the bundle or its determined dimensional weight. Along these lines, transporters can charge cash for a lightweight bundle that occupies a great deal of space on the truck. They likewise have overcharged for heavyweight shipments, so keeping piles little and light is in any online business organization's wellbeing.

Poly mailers occupy less room than boxes, so they help diminish dimensional load to help you save significantly more on delivery costs. The shipments that go out in a box that could go out securely in a poly mailer, the additional transportation costs will eat into your edge over the long haul.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Poly Mailer

When choosing a poly mailer, the most important thing to consider is the weight of what you'll be mailing. You'll need a poly mailer that can handle the weight of your items, or it will tear.

There are two types of poly mailers: Tyvek and paper. Tyvekis stronger and can handle more weight, while paper is less expensive but less durable. If you're mailing a lightweight item, a paper mailer will work justfine. But if you're mailing something heavier, you'll need to use a Tyvekmailer.

The other thing to consider when choosing a poly mailer is size. Make sure to choose one that's big enough to fit your items, but not so big that it's unnecessarily large. Some mailers are made with a flap to sealthe contents inside, while others use tape to close them. Consider which closure method might be best for your mailing items and choose accordingly.


To get the most out of your poly mailers, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure successful shipping every time.


Take time to choose the right size and type of polymailer:  this will help to ensure that your items are properly protected against damage during transit.


Make sure to seal your poly mailer securely: this can be done using adhesives, tape, or other sealing mechanisms.


Consider adding branding elements like logos or messages to your poly mailers for a more professional look and feel.

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How To Seal A Poly Mailer Properly

1. Ensure all edges, seams, and flaps are properly sealed:  this can be done using adhesives, tape, or other sealing mechanisms.

2. Check your seal for any openings or loose edges: if any are found, use additional adhesive or tape to secure the area.

3. Press down on the seal with firm pressure for several seconds to ensure a tight and secure closure.

Tips For Using Poly Mailers Effectively

To get the most out of your poly mailers, consider following these simple tips:

1. Pay attention to the size and weight of your items when choosing a poly mailer

Size and weight matter when picking a poly mailer. Heavier items need sturdier envelopes so they don't break through during transit. Lightweight items can be sent in thinner poly mailers to save on shipping costs.

2. Always seal your poly mailers : Always seal your poly mailers carefully using adhesives, tape, or other sealing mechanisms as needed.

3. Use Adhesives: Seal your poly mailers carefully using adhesives to ensure that your content remains securely inside the packaging. This will keep your items safe during transit and prevent them from getting lost.

4. Use Tape: To secure your poly mailers, you can use tape along the seams and edges. This will create a strong barrier that will hold up against bumps and jostling.

5. Use Other Sealing Methods: In addition to adhesives and tape, you can also use other sealing methods to secure your poly mailers. These include stapling, glue, or even heat sealing. Experiment to find the best method for you.

6. Consider adding branding elements : Adding branding elements like logos or messages to your packages can make them more memorable. Your customers will be able to easily identify your products, and they'll appreciate the extra effort you've put in. Plus, it's a great way to promote your business and build brand awareness.

7. Take time to prepare your items for shipping : Before placing your items in a poly mailer, take the time to prepare them for shipping. This means ensuring that they are properly packaged and labeled. By taking a few minutes to do this, you can help ensure that your items arrive safely at their destination.

What items Are Shipped in Poly Mailers?

Apparel: Shirts, dresses, bedsheets, and items that are not that fragile and are easy to transport in poly mailers.

Books and other print media: Just like apparel, books and printed media do not require much space, and you can use mail bags for them.

Beauty and health products: Beauty and health products, mostly makeup, are lighter in weight; sellers can use bubble padded poly mailers to transport them safely.


You can find poly mailers at FedEx and USPS easily other than available at Walmarts or Amazon. Poly mailers can be a suitable choice for your business, significantly saving your cost and shipping your products with care and safety to your customers.

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