5 Tips To Designing Beautiful And Effective Packaging Online

5 Tips To Designing Beautiful And Effective Packaging Online

Designing beautiful and effective packaging is essential for any business looking to make a good first impression on customers. It's also important for getting your products noticed on store shelves. Here are 5 tips to help get your packaging design just right.

Understanding The Packaging Concept

 Normally, packaging consists of 3 layers – outer packaging, inner packaging, and product packaging. One or all of these are used based on the situation. But when purchasing is done online, all processes related to these layers have to be implemented. When it comes to online transactions, the buyer expects the delivery of the desired product in good condition. 

The outer packaging attracts and creates an impression on the consumer. Hence, the product requires designing sustainable packaging as it has to travel from one place to another and protective packaging safeguards the product. So outer packaging should be strong enough to protect the inner product. The internal packaging material refers to the materials that support the actual product and lessens the impact during the transportation of the product. The products like bubble sheets, cardboard pieces that act as separators, paper, form sheets, poly bags, etc., are some of the materials used for inner packaging. The product packaging is a must as it is the first protective layer of the product.

Make The Right Choice Of Packaging

Packaging should be done according to the size or type of product. Cardboard boxes in various shapes, hampers, tube designs, packet designs, and cup designs are some types of packaging material. A choice of packaging will make or break the brand's image or the product. If the packaging is not proper, it will damage the idea of the eCommerce vendor.

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Printing Of Content On The Outer Packaging

 In an online process, the planning for the design on outer packaging should be done even before the actual packaging process starts. The outer packaging should consist of content related to the eCommerce vendor as it is through this website the transaction is taking place. Sometimes the logistics are also taken care of by the dispatch section on the eCommerce platform. 

But in case the services of a 3PL have been chosen, then the logistics person may carry material related to two or more such eCommerce vendors of different eCommerce platforms. Then identifying the packages will be a complicated task. If the boxes contain the eCommerce website details, it will be easy to segregate the products and dispatch them to the destination quickly and promptly.

Analyze The Product Designing

After designing the outer cover of the product, the designer has to analyze whether the product design is suitable and matches the product inside it. After researching and proper approval from the concerned parties, printing the cover details should be done.

Printing on the product packaging

The outer cover of the product should be designed so that it gives complete information about the product, including manufacture and expiry date, batch no. etc.  


If you're looking for some help designing beautiful and effective packaging, Simpl fulfillment is here to help. We can take your order and fulfill it quickly and easily, so you can focus on what's important - creating great products that stand out from the competition!

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