Everything to Know About Poly Mailers

Everything to Know About Poly Mailers

Choosing proper packaging when it comes to shipment helps in determining various things. For example, from shipping cost to the safety of the products, suitable packaging plays a significant role. Due to this reason, it is a great idea to opt for poly mailers. It is a standard packaging option that helps in protecting products that too at a low cost.

The poly mailer is a lightweight yet durable plastic bag that is designed ideally for shipping products. It comes with self-sealing fold over lips, which do not need any tape for sealing. Moreover, you can stick the shipping label directly on the bag.

Moreover, these are pretty thin and sturdy. Therefore, it does not take up enough space on the truck while transiting. Poly mailers are available in different styles as well as sizes. Above all, it comes with enough padding along with bubble wrap. As a result, it does not require extra dunnage like other boxes.

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Why You Should Use Poly Mailers: 3 Good reasons

When it comes to shipping items, boxes and packages play a significant role. However, at times, tubes become unnecessary for some shipping products. For example, durable cardboard boxes are used for packing shoes. As a result, packing them in another box would be useless.

Clothing items are once again a great option to ship in poly mailers. The reason behind these clothes does not crush under pressure. Therefore, it would not damage without any cardboard box. Here are few reasons behind using poly mailers.

Carry less shipping cost

Although cardboard boxes are cheap, damage-resistant, and sturdy, poly mailers offer better protection and have low shipping costs. Moreover, it is lightweight and compact-sized, it has less shipment cost than other boxes.

One of the crucial factors when it comes to the pricing of shipments is the dimensional weight. It is a pricing technique, which is used by shipping carriers. They charge depending on whichever number is more significant, the importance of the package, or dimensional weight.

In this way, the carriers can charge extra money for a lightweight package, which takes enough space on the truck. Moreover, they even have surcharges for heavyweight shipments. Hence, the eCommerce companies opt for small and light packages.

Compact and lightweight

As poly mailers are exceptionally lightweight since it is made with plastic, they are pretty easy to storekeeping in mind about warehousing. Besides, as poly mailers are small and compact, it takes less space in the carrier vehicle. Therefore, you have to pay less for shipping as well.

From a delivery standpoint, poly mailers easily fit in the mailbox. It reduces the probabilities of theft compared to the more giant boxes.

Customizing options

Custom packaging which uses branding makes your shipment look attractive. Just like corrugated cardboard boxes, poly mailers include colors, imagery as well as a logo. It not only helps in making your packaging look beautiful but also promotes the brand name.

Not every product requires shipping in the box. However, opting for poly mailers is a great idea, especially for the small eCommerce business shipping. Moreover, it helps in saving money and ensures product safety as well.

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