All You Need to Know About Ali Baba Vs Ali Express

Get to know how Ali Baba and Ali Express differ in terms of business models, orders, delivering, pricing, customization, dropshipping, and ease of use.

All You Need to Know About Ali Baba Vs Ali Express

To know about the differences between Ali express and Ali Baba, we first need to know both of them individually.


Ali Baba came into being in 1999 by the Ali Baba group, it primarily operates in China, and it soon became a well-known site for B2B type of eCommerce business. Ali Baba is one of the largest eCommerce sites that connect millions of buyers and sellers in over 190 regions and countries. Ali Baba is mainly used by businesses to get hands-on bulk products from wholesalers all over Asia. It makes Ali Baba one of the best websites for getting goods for your business. Ali Baba has many varieties of cosmetics, custom goods, spare machinery parts, or any other product that you can imagine.

Ali Express

Initially, Ali express looks the same as Ali Baba, but it has some distinctive features. Ali express is also one of the largest eCommerce stores in competition with Amazon and eBay. Not only does Ali express connects buyers and sellers for wholesale products, but the buyer can also purchase a single product and can get it delivered at their doorstep. Ali express is B2C as it gives customers a platform to buy a wide range of products at affordable prices. Ali express provides a user-friendly way of ordering and payments to its customers, and it has thousands of vendors registered from all around Asia, especially China.

Ali Express Vs. Ali Baba: Business Models, Orders, Delivery and Other Difference

Infographic comparing Ali Express with Alibaba

Business Models

Every online marketplace runs on a pattern; Ali Baba and Ali express have different business models.

Ali Baba: Ali Baba is a specially designed marketplace for B2B (business to business). You can buy in large quantities and wholesale rates on Ali Baba.

Ali express: Ali express, on the other hand, is just like another eCommerce website that runs on B2C (business to customers), and you can purchase items in a single piece.


The number of orders can be a crucial difference between Ali express and Ali Baba.

Ali Baba: When you buy anything from Ali baba, you cannot buy it in a single piece as Ali baba deals with wholesale, so you have to order a more significant number of products.

Ali express: Ali express is like another eCommerce website, so you can order a single piece of any product you like on the website.


Ali express and Ali Baba both provide the service of delivering items to doorsteps to their customers, but the time duration can be a big difference.

Ali Baba: Ali Baba takes more time than Ali because the products are manufactured after the order, which can be time-consuming.

Ali express: Ali express delivers typically in 2 to 3 working days as the products are already present and ready to use.


The rates at both Ali Baba and Ali express are pocket-friendly. Both of them can have some differences regarding pricing, such as

Ali Baba: As Ali Baba has products primarily wholesale or in bulk, the buyers can talk to the supplier and negotiate the price after some talks.

Ali express: In Ali express, customers can buy products in a single piece, so they are at fixed prices, and you have to order at a price mentioned on the website.

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Customization includes buyers' unique designs or private labels on any product.

Ali Baba: If you are buying from Ali Baba, you have the option of putting private labels or any designs you like on your products as they are manufactured on demand.

Ali Express: If you buy from Ali express, you do not get any option that includes customization; you have to purchase the product displayed on the website.


Dropshipping can be an exciting feature. Dropshipping is a retail satisfaction technique where a seller does not keep the items it sells in stock. Overall, when a store sells an object using dropshipping items, it buys it from an outsider and dispatches it straightforwardly to the client.

Ali Baba: Ali Baba does not provide the feature of dropshipping as the sellers on its deal in wholesale products and bulk items.

Ali Express: If you want to enjoy the feature of dropshipping, you can use it on Ali express; it provides its users the option of dropshipping.

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Placing Orders

When you like something on any website, there is a way of placing the order, which can be a difference between Ali baba and Ali express.

Ali Baba: Ali baba does not have any shopping cart and can place in a carton on their official website. When you have to order any product, you have to contact or message the supplier for that.

Ali express: Ali express works like an eCommerce website where you have the option of placing your desired product in a cart, and then you go towards the details.

Ease of Use

Any online marketplace has features you can use, and it is the case with Ali Baba and Ali express.

Ali Baba: Ali Baba is a little challenging to use; contacting the suppliers and waiting can be frustrating.

Ali express: Ali express has a built-in cart system, and you do not have to deal with any communication with the buyers.

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