What is FedEx "Hold at Location"?

When you FedEx something, do you have the option to have it "held at location"? What does that mean? And more importantly, should you use it? Here's what you need to know.

'Order is out for delivery can be a stressful notification for most customers who are not at home or out vacationing. This means that there is a high likelihood that the item being shipped will be returned, lost in the neighborhood, or stolen. Many inconveniences can be caused when such a situation occurs, as FedEx will also notify the seller, and there may be delays in the repayment process. Most of the time, customer care is useless when tracking and returning the product. Hence customers should invest in the FedEx delivery hold services for the safe delivery of their packages. 

What Does FedEx Hold At Location Mean? 

FedEx holds at the location, which means the customer doesn't enter their home address when they are shipped. They may select a predetermined drop-off point enrolled at the FedEx site. This specific location could be near their address or workplace; it could also mean any convenient place for effortless pick up at a designated time. Customers then have seven business days to collect the packages from the FedEx hold at the station. To claim the order, the client will be requested government-issued personal identification documents and package tracking numbers. 

The locations are not limited to FedEx office or Ship-center stores. Still, Customers can collect packages from – Authorized and Independently owned FedEx Ship Centers, grocery stores that have partnered with FedEx, Walmart stores that have authorized FedEx stores, and Walgreens locations. 

Customers are presented with multiple options on the FedEx site to choose from; they can enter their Zip code and narrow down the radius for opting out of the nearest location. When a specific area has been selected, the site displays its work hours, directions to reach it, and the complete address. 

What Happens When The Order Arrives At The FedEx Hold?

The customers will be notified by calling, text, or email that the package has arrived at the designated FedEx hold location. The customer then has to request the release of the package by physically going to the site. A picture ID is required on arrival at the FedEx hold location. If the customer's name does not match the package, you need to provide a tracking number to verify the delivery. If the address on the package is mismatched with the customer's identification document of the customer then additional documents like credit card statements, utility bill statements, or property statements have to be produced to release the delivery. 

What Happens When The Delivery Date Is Missed?

Customers often forget to retrieve their packages from the FedEx Hold Location. If such a situation arises, they can track their packages using the application provided by FedEx. Customers can enter the tracking code and find the following shipping options available on the site. FedEx will send out instructions on the screen, and the customer can request redelivery by authorizing it the next business day. 


FedEx Hold at Location is a convenient service that can deliver packages safely when the customer is unavailable at their home address. With this application, the customer is on top of the game as they can redirect their orders to suitable locations anytime and create multiple shipment orders with FedEx. This also means dealing with lesser shipping and return hassles for eCommerce platforms. 

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