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Learn what are th retail rates of the USPS media mail. See the Rate Table.

What are the Rates of USPS Media Mail?

Media Mail is a price-efficient facility for transporting study materials and books.

Delivery to the address is estimated within not more than 2-8 days.

Media mail is a domestic facility. It transports Domestic mails :

  • Inside, on all parts of, and betwixt the United States.

  • Also, from the United States.

  • The Marshall Islands, U.S. territories, and the Federal States in Micronesia.

As stated by USPS, the media that are mentioned below are permitted to be transported by utilizing Media Mail:

  • Scripts of Drama and typescripts for music, periodicals books. Also, Printed piece.

  • Books (that contains a minimum of 8 pages)

  • Video and/or recordings, for example, C.D.s and DVDs.

  • Computer-legible media consisting of prerecorded data and scripts or guides made entirely for the usage of these media.

  • They have printed exam materials with objectives and their attachments.

  • Sixteen millimeters or thinner breadth films.

  • Printed charts for educational citations.

  • Pages made of Loose-Leaf and binders containing clinical data for dissemination to various medical schools and hospitals. Also, to doctors and students of medical schools.

Parceling should not consist of advertising, and every other commodity is constricted from this facility.

Because of Media Mail’s high regulations, the USPS holds on to the authority to open and examine parcels to inspect for mistreatment of the service. If contents infringe the guidelines issued by Media Mail, then the packages can be returned because of inadequate. Also, the postage difference can be charged over AVP.

The rates of Media Mail are dependent on the weights of the parcels and also the rate class. When examining the importance of a package, it is generally rounded up to the closest unit pound to observe the postage charge.

Contrasting several USPS services, the only accessible service at Retail pricing is the Media Mail. Even so, Media Mail fives extremely competitive postage charges for shipping the study materials.

On January 24, 2021, the USPS rates have been changed.

Retail Vs. Media Mail

USPS ensures a large number of services, as well as rate classes. Evaluate these almost identical facilities and their rates to recognize how they differ among:

  • Retail | Priority Mail

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  • Commercial | Priority Mail

Media Mail USPS Retail: 2020 Rate Table

Operative from January 24, 2021.

Media Mail USPS Retail: 2020 Rate Table

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