How to File a Missing Mail Search Request

If you want to register the Missing Mail Search, initiate by leading to the Lost Packages and Missing Mail Page of USPS. Then scroll down to the 3rd option, where you will be asked to put forward a “Missing Mail Search Request”.

If you want to register the Missing Mail Search, initiate by leading to the Lost Packages and Missing Mail Page of USPS. Then scroll down to the 3rd option, where you will be asked to put forward a “Missing Mail Search Request”.

After that, you’ll have to log in to your account in USPS. However, If you haven’t registered an account yet, you can immediately create one. These accounts are entirely complimentary and provide you with an opportunity to access various facets on the site of USPS.

How to File a Missing Mail Search Request with USPS

Step 1: Mail all the Information

The next page can take a few times to get loaded. Once it completes loading, you can start by providing the tracking number of your package. After entering the tracking number, if USPS apprehends it, then USPS will auto-fill the date of your mail and the type of service. If that doesn’t happen, you can find that data on Pirate Ship, as well.

USPS operates all of the claims of insurance internally. If you’ve purchased some labels on Pirate Ship, and you ask for insurance, their answer would be “No”.It asks if you have bought added insurance through USPS because this is available only if you purchased the labels directly through them.

Hence, USPS doesn’t go along with the third-party insurances that are done using Shipsurance because these kinds of built-in insurances are available only on Priority Mail shipments.

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Step 2: Input Recipient Information

In the next step, you’ll give the information of location to USPS. It will mean this location for sending the product once USPS finds it.

  • You may select Addressee. Then, USPS would deliver the product to the genuine recipient.
  • You can select Mailer.  
  • Or, you can choose the Another Address option. Then, USPS will deliver it to the new location you have provided.

However, it’s compulsory to give correct address information where USPS can deliver the package. Besides, you’ll have to enter your details such as your email address, name, and contact no. This information will help USPS to let you know about their latest search results.

Step 3: Inform USPS about Parcel Contents

In the further step, You’ll have to let USPS gather information about the missing mail. The more contents you share, the higher will be the probability to find your shipment.

It would be great if you can share about the type of parceling. Besides, you must give detailed information about the missing thing. It would help USPS to recognize the thing more quickly.

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Step 4: Check USPS Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers

After you fill out the information section correctly, you will get a prompt from USPS to agree with the Terms & Conditions regarding the Missing Mail. Check out those boxes carefully.

Step 5: Verify Your Shipment Address

On the next page, you'll have to verify your shipping address. Often, USPS refers to some edits.

Step 6: Recheck all Information and Submit the Report

In the last step, you would review all your information given to USPS. And then, you’ll register the search for your missing mail. USPS would allow you to recheck all the information. Hence, it’s necessary to correct it and edit it if it’s not appropriate.

After you become sure of every piece of information you've provided, and you can readily submit it.

Once the entire process gets completed, USPS would keep updating the page with current search results. Besides, they would inform you about the updates at your mentioned email address.

You would also get an ID from USPS to search your Missing Mail.

How to Register a Request for Searching Your Missing Mail for International Delivery Systems

You can register a missing mail to search your international packages. Although, USPS can find these packages only if they are in the US till then.

But, if USPS hands over the package to any of the destination country’s postal addresses, it becomes impossible for them to relocate it.

A request for searching your Missing Mail for international shipments, the procedure remains almost the same. Simply select your choices.

  • If you prefer to get it sent to the genuine receiver, then select Addressee.
  • Or, if you want back the package, then select Mailer.

Once you’re done with choosing your favorite options, you would notice a drop-down on USPS. Into this drop-down, you can provide the international address.

After completing your form to search the missing mail for international packages, it will be ready to submit.

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