How Does DHL Calculate Dimensional Weight?

DHL is one of the largest shipping carriers in the world. They handle millions of parcels every day. So, how does DHL calculate dimensional weight? In this blog post, we will take a look at how DHL calculate dimensional weight and what factors they take into account. We will also discuss some tips to help you reduce your dimensional weight charges.

The dimensional weight calculated is also called dim weight. The weight is used to determine the cubic space that a package takes up during the shipping process. The carrier that is used for shipping takes up the calculation of the weight or the proportionate amount of space that the package sits on. The dimensional weight is the chargeable weight counted for charging the shipping rate. 

What Is Dimensional Weight, And Why Is It Essential For Shippers

Dimensional weight is crucial because it helps shippers price the whole process for companies. The dimensional weight enables you to calculate the weight easily for lightweight packages. The weight of the box is calculated with the help of the package's volume and the package's dimension. There is a formula that works with the dimensions and volume. Not all shipping carriers calculate the dimensional weight for all packages. However, many big carrier companies like FedEx and UPS use dimensional weight for shipping prices. 

How does DHL Calculate Dimensional Weight?

There is a formula that DHL uses to calculate dimensional weight. The dimensional weight of a package is calculated according to its length, breadth, and height. The package's dimensional weight is calculated with the help of the cubic volume of the package, and then it is divided by the shipping factor of the package. 

Dimensional weight = length width height/shipping factor

The DIM weight is where the density of the package is included. It is essential to give importance to DIM weight to calculate the small package shipping rate. The dimensional weight depends on the shipping carrier, shipment, and route of transit for the shipment. 

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Tips To Reduce Your Shipment's Dimensional Weight

The high dimensional weight of the shipment can increase the shipping rate. To reduce the shipping rate linked with dim weight, there are some tips that you should follow. 

Use flat rate boxes

Use flat rate boxes or a shipping service that does not consider DIM weight. You can send items as heavy as 70 lbs. with flat rate boxes and envelopes with USPS services. The flat-rate boxes charge a single rate for shipping in the given weight bracket.

Use the most efficient packaging 

The first step in reducing the dimensional weight of your package is to use the most efficient packaging possible. This means using boxes or containers that are specifically designed for shipping and the right size for your items. It’s important to make sure there is enough cushioning to protect the contents, but not so much that it adds unnecessary weight and volume. Also, make sure any packaging materials you use are lightweight, such as bubble wrap or air pillows, so your package doesn’t end up heavier than it needs to be

Pay attention to the size 

For DHL shipments, the dimensions of the package are taken into account when computing dimensional weight. To reduce your shipment’s DHL volumetric weight, pay close attention to its size and make sure it’s not excessively large. If possible, break your shipment up into multiple smaller packages so each one is more efficient in terms of the volumetric weight.

Optimize packing 

The way you pack your items can also affect the volumetric weight. Make sure all the pieces fit snuggly in the package so there is no space inside, and that they are arranged in a way that maximizes the available space. This will help keep the DHL volumetric weight to a minimum. 

By taking some proactive steps, you can reduce your DHL volumetric weight and save money on your DHL shipments. Use the most efficient packaging and pay attention to size, and optimize your packing for maximum efficiency. Doing so will help you save money in the long run.

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Examples Of How Dimensional Weight Can Impact Shipping Costs 

The dimensional weight of a shipment can have a significant impact on shipping costs. For example, if you are shipping an item that is lightweight but bulky and has a high volumetric weight, it will cost more to ship than an item with the same physical weight but lower volumetric weight. In some cases, the difference in cost can be quite significant. 

For example, a 2-pound item with a volumetric weight of 10 pounds will cost more to ship than a 2-pound item with a volumetric weight of 6 pounds. By using the most efficient packaging and optimizing your packing, you can reduce your shipment’s DHL dimensional weight and save money in the long run.

How To Save Money On Your Next Shipment By Using DHL Dimensional Weight Calculator

Using a DHL dimensional weight calculator can help you save money on your next shipment. The DHL dimensional weight calculator takes into account the size and weight of your package to accurately calculate the volumetric weight, which is then used to determine the cost of shipping. By using this tool, you can quickly compare different packaging options and determine the most cost-effective solution for your shipment.


Dimensional weight is an important consideration for shippers and ecommerce businesses. By understanding how DHL calculate dimensional weight and what factors they take into account, you can take steps to reduce your shipping costs. Need help fulfilling Amazon orders? Get in touch with Simpl. We are experts in Amazon fulfillment and can help you save money on shipping costs.

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